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How to transform a room for under £200

It's weird, I made an announcement, both in my head and across social media that I wasn't going to blog anymore.. and I felt relieved, a huge weight off my shoulders, so why am I sitting here writing a blogpost? The only reason I can come up with, is because I want to, and nobody else is telling me to do so .. aaaah this feels good! ;)

If you already follow me on social you will have seen, because let's be honest I've took SO many photos! that I've recently given my downstairs bathroom a makeover, and I'm not going to lie, I LOVE it and it was super cheap to do, so I wanted to share with you how I did it and where I got the bits and bobs from...

I've linked everything after the pictures for you, some items now half price!...



This was my first time wallpapering so I was a bit nervous, and there were a few close moments where I nearly gave in (but after a few deep breaths and a quick convo with my instachum Lisa from Lisa Dawson Styling) I got on with it and I am SUPER happy with the outcome!

The wallpaper is from B&Q, part of the Julien MacDonald range and at £18 a roll it took the pressure off a bit, I wasn't sure about the glitter in it at first, I didn't realise it was there until I got it home, but after the first roll went up I fell in love and no regrets, I needed 3 rolls in total and you can buy it HERE

Since moving into this house over a year ago, I've basically took any opportunity I can to use metallic spraypaint, from curtain poles to picture frames so as soon as I realised that the piping in the bathroom needed a touchup I bought some silver spray, also from B&Q - now I'm not saying I 'recommend' this as such, because knowing my luck its letting off poisonous fumes (!) but if that doesn't put you off, then go for it! You can buy it HERE

The mirror was a bit of a rushed decision as I'm one of those people that likes everything done NOW, but I do actually really like it and the ledge is so handy for the handsoap seen as though our sink is so teeny - I've just looked online and it's now half price so if you were considering it, you're in luck! You can buy it HERE

Ahhh the copper toilet roll and towel holders, you might notice that most of the pics don't feature them, that's because I took so long choosing which ones I wanted, and also contemplating whether I had the skills to make my own... turns out, I don't. But a top lad on eBay does! My plan was to spray them silver to match the piping, but as soon as they arrived they were so beautiful I couldn't bring myself to do it - You can buy them HERE

I've been obsessing over 'Dot Hooks by Muuto' for so long now but just couldn't bring myself to spend £16 a hook, especially for a house that we don't plan on being in forever, so I was more than happy to pick up the Ikea version at only £1.50 for two! (I know!! haha! Slight difference) I think they look ace, and for that price I didn't mind getting a couple extra incase my coat collection gets any bigger - which of course it inevitably will ;) 

I picked up the towel, handwash and candle all from Homesense and decided to bring in a bit of grey to the room, I mean, it's in every other room so why ruin a theme hey...

I hope you like my little makeover, I was so impressed that the whole thing (including wallpaper paste and brush!) came to under £200.

I'd love to hear if this post inspired you in anyway, tag me on instagram - @cordelia_hearts in any of your pics where it did :)



Wedding Dresses - For the guest


You may or may not have noticed, but for the last few years my summer has been overrun with weddings - I am definitely at 'that age'.

I love planning on what to what to wear, but it can sometimes be a struggle, there are unwritten rules which pretty much vary depending on the bride.. for me, I'll always stand by not wearing white and can't help but be a little judgemental about girls who wear white to a wedding, unless stated by the bride she wants you to of course. 

So I thought I'd share with you outfits I've worn over the years to weddings, and also some of my favourite dresses available at the minute... Hopefully this will come in handy for some of you :)

 The classic slip-dress

This picture isn't very clear I know, but I must admit, Hannah's wedding was a little bit of a drunken one and I barely got any photos... but actually, that quite often means it's one of the best right?

I wore a really simple black slip dress with a low cut back and a slit at the front, the dress was beautiful on it's own but as I was there for the whole day I thought best to wear my Kate Moss slip dress over the top and then that way it felt a bit dressier for when the evening guests arrived.

I've currently got my eye on this one from 'Cold Shoulder Slip Dress' from Topshop, not bad for £69 and would be perfect over the festive season too. 

The thing I tend to do is by dresses that are quite statement, and that often leaves me with the feeling of not wanting to wear it again.. unlike a slip dress which can be worn time and time again, very 90's but I love pairing mine with a t-shirt underneath for an edgier look..

The floral maxi-dress

It was only when writing this post and comparing these 2 dresses did I realise how similar they both are, I think without realising I am definitely drawn to a certain style! The first one is by a brand called The Reformation that I LOVE, this particular dress is a couple of years old now and I've sadly lost the middle tie bit.. oh and I also can't fit in it anymore! (awkward as it was only 3 years ago that I wore it to Pippas wedding!)
The second one was one that I picked up in the sale from Zara a couple of years ago and shoved it back to the wardrobe as a) it was too big and b) I knew it would come in handy for me or a mate and it was only £12!... that now, quite clearly, fits now. :/

I've picked some others similar that you might like..
Asos Ruffle Cape Dress - £65
Topshop - floral cut out maxi £46

The Reformation Poppy Dress- $388

The lace dress

This yellow lace dress from H&M is easily one of most favourite dresses I've worn, from the moment when I was with my mate Emma trying it on (tipsy) to putting it on for Sophies wedding in Portugal this year, it just felt special. It quickly turned into one of those items that you just couldn't get hold of and I started thinking that actually, would I really wear it again? So I actually decided to re-sell it and let someone else feel as special as I did in it.

The dress is actually a copy of the beautiful Azaelea Self Portrait dress but there was no way I could spend £240 on something that I might not wear again.. and wasn't for my own wedding! So this H&M  version was good enough for me..sadly I can't link to the actual dress even though it was only bought this summer as it's sold out, but here are some similar ones..

THE yellow Azaelea Self Portrait Dress - £240

I hope that helps! If you get the Azaelea I'll be super jealous! ;)


One year later..

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A year….

I can’t even believe I’m using the words that it’s been a whole year since we lost my Grandad, it’s actually quite scary how quick it’s gone but at the same time it feels like forever since I last spoke to him, I know that doesn’t really make much sense, even reading it back I don’t even know what I mean..

Those of you that have been following me for some time may have read my post last year when he died, it was all very emotional and part of me regrets writing it because, well you know, somethings should be left private.. but it genuinely helped, whether it was just the process of simply writing how I feel without being interrupted, giving me time to reflect on how I actually did feel, or whether it’s the fact that sometimes, I just get in that mood where I want to remember the raw details that I read it back.

Is it weird that I like to get upset about him? It feels like an almighty weight has been lifted from my shoulders when I sit in my room, on my own, and just talk to him. I’m not religious, never have been, and I honestly don’t what I ‘believe’ about where he’s gone or what happens next, but it helps and a part of me enjoys that sensation of crying over him, remembering just how much I love him.

On the anniversary of his death my mum and I went out for lunch and decided to just spend a nice hour together, not think too much about what was happening the previous year, but just enjoy each others company and we even had a giggle about what Grandad would have chosen off of the menu if he was with us, but things changed when I got home and that light hearted feeling disappeared as it dawned on me that he died ‘over a year ago’. I started questioning as to am I still allowed to get upset when I think about him, I don’t want people to think I'm dragging something out for sympathy, but it just still doesn’t feel real. 

The hardest part so far for me was that evening, I promised myself that I was going to do something on the anniversary, and that day was here.. It was time to turn my ‘call grandad’ reminder off. Yes, I had a 7pm reminder go off every night when he was alive as this was the best time to call - before corro. I couldn’t bring myself to turn it off, but I knew it was’t something that could go on forever. Turning that reminder off, hurt, a lot, it was like I was privately saying goodbye all over again.

So here we are, 1 year and 7 days in since losing him.. it doesn't seem 5 minutes since I wrote this one 9 months ago.

It get’s easier, of course it does, but along with that comes guilt - because it feels easier. Guilt that the other day I had the thought ‘I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy before’ and then I started hating on myself for feeling that happy when he’s not here anymore. I’m guessing over time that guilt feeling will fade..?

Anyway, I'm really happy and like I said, I feel bad about that, so again, I'm not writing this for sympathy. I just know that I feel better sometimes reading others experiences and realising that I'm not on my own with some of the weird thoughts and feelings that go through my head.. well, I hope I'm not anyway!


Do you really ever get over that 'post travelling feeling'?


This blogpost all started this morning when bloglovin' emailed to let me know of some of the bloggers I follow that have recently posted.. one in particular catching my eye more than the other 'what I'm wearing today' 'how to style wedges' kinda things I'm used to seeing.. this one was simply titled 'that post travelling feeling'..

I took my 'Ken Teddy' that my grandad gave me absolutely everywhere! <3

Now I knew before even clicking on the link exactly what this post was going to say, it was by the lovely Nicky Houghton whom I've been following on instagram for some time now, watching her blog grow from 2k followers 20k so I knew she'd been having the most amazing time travelling & soon to return home, this title of course made me realise it must mean she was home...

After reading Nicky's post this morning, I just had to reply, I knew EXACTLY what she was trying to say and the thoughts and feelings going through her head.. I also knew that those thoughts and feelings over time will fade, so I did something that to be honest, I never do.. I replied to a blogpost!

This was my response:

'Oh huni, reading this post brought back so many memories.. I've been back for nearly 4 years now and believe me when I say it gets easier. Don't be scared by this but you might find yourself needing to go to the doctors, I did, and it helped a lot, just to talk to someone and get a little bit of support - they've heard it all before because this post travelling blues is something they hear about a lot now.

I was warned too, that it would be hard, but nothing prepared me for just how hard it would be - I felt like I was looking down on everyone, judging the fact that they were still doing the same thing in the same job & I resented them - that was one of the hardest feelings to overcome. I didn't want to be that person!
I ended up moving to London, I needed excitement & felt that was the only place I could get it - it worked for a few months but i soon got the 'I miss my friends' feeling that I was getting whilst away, so I came back and focused on what's next..
I was lucky enough to fall in love at this point which as you can imagine - helped ALOT haha, but I still had my down days even though I should have been 'blissfully' happy...
All I can say is, it gets easier, you need to accept that this is normal & now concentrate on the future and not the past - you've had an incredible experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life..
Now think about what you want to do with your career,put your energy into your blog, meet new people & maybe even think about where your next holiday is, or how amazing Christmas will be with your family this year.
I hope that helps, just don't expect it to happen tomorrow, and don't force it - it needs to and will happen naturally & one day you'll be like... Hey... I'm happy! :)
Take care lovely, looking forward to seeing your energy been put into your blog & seeing where it takes you! Xxxxx'

Nicky then messaged me privately saying how much my response had helped her and meant to her, so I thought, maybe it will help others too, hence sharing it on here with you.
Travelling comes in all different shapes and sizes, you might do 2 years of it like me, or you might do 2 months of it.. either way. returning home can effect people in different ways. You might have done a stint yourself and be reading this thinking 'wow, how dramatic!' that's fine, I understand that, and I envy you for not feeling that awful feeling of not knowing where you belong.

I don't think I'll ever really lose that post travelling feeling, and actually, I don't think I even want to! I LOVE reminiscing, remembering the nights sat on a boat in Vietnam watching shooting stars to working on a strawberry farm in Australia, they are memories that I'll have for a lifetime, but I don't think I'll ever quite lose that feeling of 'maaaan, I bloody miss that!!' 

Anyway, after sending that response this morning that's what's been on my mind a lot today, and I guess this blog is an outlet to share what's on my mind :)

Hope this helps at least one person, I probably could have done with reading it at the time!

You can read Nicky's original blogpost HERE


My Homeware Wish-list - Rockett St George

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Oh hey there you beauties! 

I recently received an email from one of my favourite homeware companies, Rockett St George, letting me know about some new pieces they had in & my oh my I basically wanted every.single.piece.

For those of you that haven't heard about Rockett St George before, you're in for a treat! Don't get me wrong, that's precisely what it is, because the prices aren't particularly low & I've only so far bought a couple of things from them, but for inspiration alone, they are definitely worth a follow!

What do you think? Found anything that you can see yourself buying? They also have a beautiful instagram feed (@rockettstgeorge) 

I'd love you to tag me in your photos if you end up buying anything! Either by using the hashtag #cordeliahearts or @cordelia_hearts on instagram..

Have you had chance to check out my first post over at Bella Coco yet? I'm talking mixing metals with your jewellery & how I'm a bit of a rule breaker!

Until next time..

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