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Brat & Suzie

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Hey everyone!

Eek I'm so excited to be writing my first blog post on the new layout! & I can't think of a cuter brand than Brat & Suzie to be talking to you about :)

I first stumbled across Brat & Suzie when I was stalking @whatsarahdid on Instagram - she always has the best taste in clothing, especially with unique independent labels (I mean hey, she stocks Cordelia so of course I love her stuff ;) !) & I couln't help but notice how cuuuute Brat & Suzie tshirts looked on her rails!

So I popped over to their instagram@bratandsuzie & instantly fell in love with their animal illustrated items - I had lots of favourites & struggled with which one to go for but I chose this Skiing Bunny one & I'm so glad as it's just adorable & only £22!
Crack a smile love, jeez!

I've worn my tee with my trusty Asos Ridley Jeans can be bought on that link & my Public Desire Kelis seem to have sold out in the matte black but that link will take you to an exciting glittery version of them! eek!

So a little bit about Brat & Suzie, they are based in the good ol' big smoke (London obvs) & was founded by the lovely Polly & Charlotte in 2009 - you have even spotted them on Dragons Den at some point too!? Exciting times!
The girls working the magic on Dragons Den!

Since selling on a market stall on Brick Lane they have had an incredible journey & you can now find them mixing with the big boys at Harvey Nichols! How amazing is that!
Ooooh, fancy pants!

They don't just offer the cutest tshirts, they also offer the prints on sweaters & I've recently discovered their jewellery range too - did someone just say Pug on a necklace? Found it! (Pug necklace right this way..)
Perfect Xmas present!
I'm not the only one that simply associates Pugs with Andreas (XFactor) right?..
Actual lolz at this, had to put it on! (Yes I just said lolz)

Sorry.. back to Brat & Suzie! hehe.. so, yes, if you're a fan of woodland creatures & the thought of a penguin in a bobble hat makes your heart race due to cuteness overload.. then this really is a brand for you! Plus, it's not just a normal printed tshirt like you could buy from the high-street, these guys celebrate art & work with talented illustrators to ensure that your purchase is unique with an English eccentric twist.
The gals over at Towie are often spotted wearing it too..

More recently I've been admiring their fab range of Christmas cards too, designed by Rebecca at The Little Wolf Illustration - I'm a personal fan of this penguin one... who wouldn't want to receive a card with a penguin in a Christmas hat? And yes.. I am secretly imagining that this is THE #MontyThePenguin after a night out on the town! Thanks for that John Lewis (The (*full) Monty range can be found here) 

This adorable card is only £2.50 & there's plenty more to choose from.
I've just been looking at Rebecca's facebook page & she's in the running to win a competition to have this design on a cushion! How cute is that! If you simply click this link it will take you to the comp, press on 'I like this' & if she gets enough votes she wins - would be ace if we could help out with that heh! :) Good luck Rebecca! 

You can buy Brat & Suzie direct from their website, or Asos - Brat & Suzie have a few pieces too, but I have a feeling next time you visit your local independent boutique you might see it in there too, as ever since I received my tshirt I can't help but notice on my Instagram that a lot of boutiques are sharing the love for this fab brand! :)

Want to show them some love? Pop over to their Facebook page & give them a follow too!

Oooh & I hope you like the new blog layout too! I was so excited to share it with you - pretty please subscribe & that way you will receive an email when I write a new post - your support is always, VERY appreciated! 

Thank you to the lovely Jenny Sneap for photography & the gorgeous Frankie & Sophie for hair & make-up at Shirley's Boutique x
Love Jenn @ Cordelia x




Eek! If you're reading this it means you are now viewing my blog in it's sparkly new home! I hope you love it!

As a special little thankyou for taking a peek, I've added a discount code to my website - just simply enter BLOGLAUNCH to receive 20% off all my items! Including the best selling 'LIKE A MOSS' tee pictured above..

(You can now click on the 'Shop Cordelia' link in here which will take you straight to my website

If you fancy showing some love & following my blog too that would be blummin' marvellous!

Love Jenn

Onyx Goldsmiths - Website launch party

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Hey! This blogpost is to tell you all about my lovely evening at Alea in Nottingham where I was kindly asked to be part of the Onyx Goldsmiths new website launch party! It was such a fab night, lots of familiar faces & more importantly - I was absolutely adorned in a selection of gorgeous jewellery from Onyx to show off! :)

I have always been a huge fan of Onyx, back in the day (some of you may know this) my friend & I opened a boutique in Beeston called Pink & Lilly - we had the pleasure of having Onyx as our next door neighbours! Over the years we went from neighbours to friends & I've loved watching their family business in Beeston grow from strength to strength.

So.. the launch night! This was me.. I told you I was asked to wear a fair few pieces.... Most people were asked to wear about 3 items, I think I had 15 in total!! Loved it!

Now I don't tend to get nervous but I can assure you at this point I was!! The room was filling nicely & I was second in the queue to shimmy around the floor showing off all the beautiful items of jewellery I was wearing. I had rings on every finger, about 3 necklaces around my neck & a couple of bracelets on each arm.. just the way I like it! I love that the ladies at Onyx chose a style which was based on my personal style, a bit of boho mixed with glamour - perfect!

I have the lovely lot over at Cast Hairdressers to thank for my hair, they had been given a picture of Lauren Conrad to base my look on & I think they did a great job.. (ok, they couldn't do anything for the face, but the hair was spot on!hehe)
I'm so blessed to have such lovely friends that came to visit - it's our very own SJ! <3
..Inspiration for my look on the night..

..... & even SJ's mum, the beautiful Jacqui stopped by! :)
Onyx is my favourite jewellers for so many reasons, firstly the staff - Erica, Zoe, Ruby & Rebecca - are just the loveliest people you could ever wish to meet! Their jewellery expertise are next-to-none & they never get annoyed with me going in & asking to try on all the expensive rings.. ok.. maybe that once when I had an ice-cream melting all over my hands ;)

.. but the most important thing is the jewellery that they sell, now it's kind of impossible to tell you what they sell, it'd be easier to tell you what they don't sell! The eclectic mix is breath-taking & they even have lots more hidden away, if you can't find that one piece that you are looking for then chances are it's not available.. but guess what... they can solve that problem too with their 'Design your own jewellery' offer! Simply discuss your ideas, take in some inspiration pics that you've probably been pinning all over Pinterest & boom.. they can crack on with making it for you! Absolutely brilliant! Or what about an old piece of jewellery you've got but never wear? They could turn it into something that you never want to take off! :)

Now I know that the last paragraph sounds like a massive sales-pitch, but I assure you I am getting nothing from this other than sharing the love for a jewellers I care so much about - after stepping through their doors on Beeston high road, you will understand totally where I'm coming from!
Sooooo much jewellery to choose from! I spend hours in this treasure trove!

The website launch evening was so lovely, not only was it a fantastic opportunity for Erica & her girls to show off some gorgeous jewellery & celebrate but they also had a charity auction raising over £500 for the Forever Stars charity who's purpose is to fund 'The advancement of health and the saving of lives by providing comfort, items, services for people who are convalescent or bereaved.'

Andrew from Cast Hairdressers did a fantastic job of compere on the evening!

From left: Anita, Claire, Tara, Pam & Jane looking blummin' gorgeous on the night!
We even won a raffle prize! woop!

Mother & daughter duo, Erica & Ruby worked their butt off to put together a fab evening, well done girls!

.... as well as the stunning Zoe (right) Onyx's manageress who worked so hard even with her own wedding to plan the following weekend! Legend!
Here's a few of my favourite pics from the night, lots of drinking, auction winning & smiles all round!..

Showing off the jewellery I was wearing... I had a necklace on that sold at auction... this guy! He bought it as a surprise present for his girlfriend <3

..wanting to buy everything Erica was wearing!!

...& the milfs, Anita & Claire, showing us how it's done looking STUNNING.

Pam won a gorgeous ring on the auction! I heard her squeal from backstage!

Now it's hard to say.. Oooh this is my favourite piece that Onyx sell, or look how stunning this ring is that I saw in there last week.. coz chances are.. it's gone! But I will say that I'm a huuuuge fan of their new Rose Gold Range & could pretty much buy any piece from that collection, I've also been to known to buy charms for my friends from their too as they've got a gorgeous selection..

But, basically, you're just going to have to take a look for yourself & hope that you manage to get the piece that you love before someone else gets there first, because believe me, I can't count on both hands how many times I've fallen in love with an item, gone back the next week & it's gone.. but that's precisely what I LOVE about Onyx.. who wants to be wearing the same piece as everyone else anyway? :)

You can follow Onyx on Facebook, Pinterest & if you can't get to their store in person, then you now have the pleasure of shopping online too at

Oh & another thank you to Cast, here are the links if you want to follow them on Facebook  (they ave some great competitions!)& Twitter @casthair or visit their website for more info.
Cheeky selfie whilst getting my hair done.. Standard behaviour!

Thanks again ladies for letting me part of your fab evening, I loved every minute of it & I wish you all the success with your new venture on the web! I'm pretty sure you're going to smash it!


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