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Cover it up beach!

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Ahhh I've been wanting to write this post for so long now - I am literally the worlds biggest kaftan fan - I have a section in my wardrobe dedicated to them, but my gosh ladies, we are spoilt for choice this year! Literally, EVERYWHERE is selling them & they are getting better & better by the week, I thought I'd do a little post to share some of my favourite with you..

Dancing Leopard

Ok, so Dancing Leopard is one of my favourite ever go-to summer brands! I stumbled across them early last year via Facebook, not entirely sure how, someone must have shared their page on my newsfeed, but woweee I've literally banged on about the brand ever since! They use traditional indian patterns mixed with boho fashion influences to create some of the most stunning beach cover-ups.. like this...
This is the Peacock Tassle Kimono & it's one I personally own - I wear it on my holidays or simply with jeans and a silk-mix vest for ultimate luxury, I don't think I've worn it & not received a lovely comment to date!

I absolutely love this Genie Jumpsuit, there's a peach version in the sale at the moment that I'm tempted to buy!
This wrap-around toga Mermaid Dress is genius! It would look so stunning with lots of boho jewellery layered for the evenings, not only that, once unravelled, it doubles up as a beach blanket! Amazing idea for the light packers!
 What's even better about Dancing Leopard is that nearly all of their items are classed as one size, so there's no worries about what size you would need. I shouldn't have written this post - I'm already deciding which one to buy next as I write this... woops.

Pretty Little Thing

I'm a fairly new follower to this brand, thanks to nearly every blogger on the high-street bloggersphere who have been featuring their pieces on instagram @officialplt, it caught my attention. Some of it is VERY girly and includes a lot of pastel colours, especially their The Paradox Collection which adorns a beautiful cloud print design on a few pieces in the collection (see below) I do feel that maybe I've passed my sell-by-date for showing as much skin as below, but I know for a fact some of you lot would look INCREDIBLE in them & they are great prices too!..

Which now leads me to their kimonos & kaftans - I've just double checked their website & I knew I was a fan for a reason - they have 46 to choose from!!! Now if we can't all find one we like from that amount then somethings not quite right.. & I for one NEED at least 5 of them in my life, which I've featured below for you - but make sure you take a peek at the rest of them too, you're literally spoilt for choice..
I really like how this kimono can be worn in so many different ways, would look fab over a bikini but I can see myself wearing this at work with some floral patterned trousers & vest - plus its only £15 & comes in black & pink too.

I absolutely love the long length of this floral one, it comes in a pinker version too which is beaut & is £30.
                      I couldn't decide whether to post a picture of the black or the white version of this kimono because I love them both equally - I think it helps that the model looks like Kendal Jenner though! These ones are £24 & the only issue I have is deciding which one to buy..

And last but not least..

Julia Hearts U

I stumbled across this gorgeous little brand on instagram (@juliagetstattoo) one day & started talking to Julia, the lovely lady who hand-makes these kimonos - since then I have watched her brand grow & she now has a large range of kimonos to choose from some of the most stunning fabrics! (My personal favourite being a green sequin one - oh my - its yummy!)
This is the gorgeous Leeanne Wells who recently modeled for me for a Cordelia photoshoot, she's such a natural little beaut & looked so pretty in the Julia Hearts U kaftans.. (Photographer @broganrrr)

This is the stunner that I've fallen in love with - you can buy it HERE for £35
Love these 2, they are almost like wearing artwork!

Already planning my winter wardrobe that needs to include one of these!
I have recently had a little give-away on @cordelia_hearts to win a Julia Hearts U kaftan, the winner has been announced now but keep your eye on their instagram incase there are any more!

So there you go, some of my favourite kaftans this year, do you have a holiday booked? I hope this post has helped you if you have - I in absolutely no way what-so-ever need another kaftan but I know how I'm going to be spending my next half an hour... (online shopping!) oh and one more to show you..

I was tempted to keep this a secret but I can't do it - I found this absolute BEAUT on eBay, ok so it's from China & might not ever show-up (wouldn't be the first time!) but for £6 including postage I think it's worth the risk... Vintage Lace Kimono - That's the link, don't say I never treat you! :)



J & C

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Hey there you lovely lot!

Wow its been far too long since I last blogged, the last few weeks have been pretty insane - it's been wedding central! I've loved every second of it but that, combined with going for endless interviews and finally gaining an exciting new job at Boots, it's left little time for Bella Hearts - but I'm back & have been in touch with some very exciting companies that I can't wait to share with you...

Which leads me to perfectly on to J&C! It took me approx 2 instagram posts of theirs to know I had fallen for the brand.. which were along the lines of this..

 Ok so I'm not going to lie... the initial attraction was the fact that JC are my initials and I took it as a sign that I needed to know more! Every single day an inspirational quote was posted onto their instagram..
.. this combined with some of the most beautifully cut clothing from the catwalks it kept my interest at its highest and I just had to message them to see what it was all about! Well, the message that I received back was music to my ears - not only were they the best at posting inspirational quotes and #ootd's but they were just teasing us until their own brand launched! HELLO! Well that was that, I knew I had to own a piece of J&C before I'd even seen one single items of their own collection.. but then these teasers started making their way on to my newsfeed..


 I instantly knew I'd discovered an absolute gem and began to notice a hype around the launch of J&C with some of the best bloggers and media coverage discovering them too.

Since the launch of J&C's website the fashionistas have all been wanting to get their hands on a piece - if you love simple styling with a twist then this is the brand for you, not only that, each piece is handmade and the attention to detail is simply stunning.

I decided to take my gorgeous J&C Sunia Air top with me to a recent photoshoot (£32) - I LOVE these pictures taken by the fabulous Brogan Ryan, lets be honest the model, Scarlett Ward would look amazing in literally ANYTHING, but she looks exceptionally fit in this faux black leather top with lazer cut squares - literally some of my favourite images from the day & they weren't even of my Cordelia tshirts!haha..


So there you go, I hope you take the time to look at this new brand, there's not many out there at the minute that get it bang on AND hand-make the items too, I am completely sold with them.. Oh and I NEED this Rimba mesh dress in my life, (£38) simply to throw over a bikini on holiday, minimalist perfection and the highest possibility that you won't go bumping into someone with the same piece! :)



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