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Where have you Bean all my life?

I've just had such a lovely weekend with my good friend Laura from Stone + Armour and Stu...
I know, for those of you who read my personal last post, that's odd right?.. or is it? Because to be totally honest I'm not really sure on the rules after losing someone...

But I'm just going with however I feel when I wake up & this weekend I woke up feeling inspired, energised & incredibly cheesily ready to take on the world one coffee shop at a time... 

As mentioned lots on my Facebook & Instagram I live in Nottingham & I am totally in love with how my local town Beeston is beginning to shape up!

On Saturday myself & Laura took it upon ourselves to meet up in a new cafe that has recently opened Greenhood Coffee House and we were VERY pleasantly surprised.
It is stunning! Clean, minimalist, friendly & what's more the owner Rory knew everything & more that there is to know about coffee.. 
We will definitely be returning!

Copper utensils? Come on.. I was sold at that alone!! ;)

We then stuck with our Saturday tradition of rummaging through the local charity shops, I didn't get any clothes for the first time in ages but I picked up these lovely vintage Kilner jars from
Sue Ryder I love how they compliment my fab concrete & copper candle holders from Nottingham based creative Beauty in Brutal

Oh and a trip to Beeston always results in fresh flowers from the market in the square :)
(You can't see it but I'm wearing my initial necklace handmade by Laura too!)

So that was Saturday & what a blummin' lovely day it was too.

Sunday pretty much became a repeat performance, but this time with Stu & we ventured into town for a spot of holiday shopping before the big trip to America next week!

I don't think he knows I've put the below pic on here, so hey, it's a good job he doesn't read my blog! ;) we were testing out the timer on my camera haha..

So our first stop was Wired Cafe Bar in Nottingham city centre, Stu had been saying all morning that he was craving one of their bacon sandwiches, so that's exactly what we did..

& he was right to crave it too as it was dee-liiisssh--ussss! 

Rory from Greenhood Coffee House mentioned that he is a big fan of this place & I can see why - they too had a lovely simple, not too try-hard atmosphere & it was quite obvious they knew a thing or two about their coffee too..

We then hit the shops & by the point I took the below pic, I was quite bored of menswear shopping (I told Stu I was being good & not shopping but ssssh what I really meant was that I've done it all online!) 
A sales assistant laughed at me when I took this pic, not going to lie, I wanted the floor to eat me up whole.

.... After all the shopping was done (ha, who am I kidding, it's never 'done!') we nipped into 200 Degrees Coffee another bangin' coffee heaven in town for a quick break.. 
This place has a barista school upstairs & some of the yummiest looking cakes, I went with a freshly squeezed lemonade with lychee.. Yes, it was every bit as amazing as it sounds!

Check out theeese beauties for a naughty but nice treat! Yum!

So there you go, I pretty much coffee crawled around Nottingham this weekend but it was just lovely & exactly what I needed..

How lucky to have these places on my doorstep, I think I'll be a regular in all 3 so maybe see you in there next time :)


I'm kind of over it I think..

I've had a few people ask me why I haven't blogged in a while and to be totally honest, my answer has been like a stuck recording of 'I'm kind of over it I think..'

But I'm not, I'm not over it at all, in fact I'm craving writing more than ever but I just haven't had the heart to sit at a computer & talk about an upcoming trend, a new brand or an opening of a restaurant for weeks, if anything it riddles me with guilt that I'm still discovering & appreciating these things in life  - when all I want to do is write 'I'm losing my grandad and I can't physically concentrate on anything else, please bare with me.'

I've never lost anybody before, I've seen friends go through it and always sympathised and been there for them - but I never truly understood how it felt, until now.

I'm writing this on my mobile, with my left hand, whilst sat by his bedside & holding his hand in my right - I'm sure he'll be thinking 'she's always on her phone that one!' Like he would normally say to me with a cheeky wink. Mum & I have just cut his nails & he looks beautiful.

So without this turning into 'one of those posts' and believe me I'm not doing it for sympathy - I just had an urge to write on here - but for the time being, not about my new shirt dress from Topshop, although between you & I.. It is pretty fabulous!

Make the most of every day

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