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Feeling festive!

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Hey you lovely lot!

Hope you are all well & getting yourself all geared up for the festivities ahead! I for one am VERY excited for the next couple of weeks, I've always been an absolute child at Christmas - to the point where I do my friends heads in - & I really thought that by the time I reached the last one of my 20's that I'd be a little bit more over it by now - but nope, I'm still as bad, infact, if anything, worse! I've managed to get the title of elf in the office & my living room looks like a bleedin' grotto! BUT, I totally know I'm not on my own, so that in my eyes, makes it absolutely fine! :)

Now, don't get me wrong, spending time with family & friends, the high spirits, the food & the presents all play it's part in why I get so excited.. but one of the main reasons I love this time of year is the absolute necessity to get dressed up for literally any occasion! For example, this afternoon I decided to do some baking.. which lead to .. I need to dress for the part & have festive apron! Obviously!

Christmas Day is always a tricky one for me - but it always ends up being the same thing.. velvet! This year I have bought a gorgeous Blue Velvet Dress - Which I've just double checked & is now only £12!!!

So this leads me nicely on to a lovely day I had at Wollaton park with Bella Coco & Austen Blakemore Photography where said dress was my outfit of choice! :) A huge thank you to Austen for the photos from the day, it was so inspiring to see how passionate you are about your work & we enjoyed every second of the day - even the point where I turned the same colour as my dress! hehe! ;)

I shall put all of Austen's details at the bottom of this post, I couldn't recommend him more to shoot your special day, he made us feel so at ease & was relentless to get the perfect shot!
Yep that's me, just casually sat on a tree in Wollaton Park! haha.. but I just love how Austen has caught the light perfect on my dress, it shows the richness of the blue perfectly!

I love this dress just because it's sooo easy to wear & doesn't cling - & let's face it, on Christmas day, the last thing we want is a dress that shows just exactly how much we've eaten that day!! Poor SJ, I don't think she was quite expecting bunny ears for this pic!
Worn here with my Cordelia Fox dress & Adorn Accessories Necklace, (Image credit to Jenny Sneap Photography)
(Image credit to Jenny Sneap Photography)

You can just about see it on the image but I'm wearing the most gorgeous bracelet from Rara de Barr this is called the Imogen Bracelet & is only £16. I wore it for my Christmas party at work too & it received so many lovely comments.. I'm a big fan of the Gatsby Cuff too.. again a bargain at only £16.50!

This is one of my favourite images of the day, can you believe that this lovely dress is only £12 now? It looks so expensive on this pic - I'm wearing the ever so popular Asos Ka Ching boots which have been sold out for some time now, however I've seen that Schuh do the exact same ones - Black Proposition Boots for £70.

So this obviously isn't the only velvet option out there, the high street is absolutely full of the fabric at the minute! ..but as far as value for money & choice goes then is massively up there for me... here's some of my other favourites they have to offer.
Not sure about the velvet trend but want to get involved? I live in these bella velvet bow headband's & they are only £6 - perfect for those days where you want to look good but not got time to wash your hair!

You can't beat a good plunge neckline for a special occasion, I always hear people say they are too flat chested for a plunge, but personally I think the smaller the better.. but then maybe I've trained my mind to think that way! haha.. This Maisie velvet plunge neckline jumpsuit is £20 & comes in blue too.

ThisRiona high neck lace and velvet bodycon dress is soo nice & only £15! I love the eyelash details on the sleeves.. <3

Will you be buying velvet to wear this Christmas?

Thanks again to the lovely Austen, if you are interested in using his photography skills for your special occasion then his contact details are below:

Facebook: /austenblakemore
Twitter: @austenblakemore
Instagram: @nottinghamphotograper

Love Jenn x


NYE Outfit Ideas

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Caution - This post will include (probably too many) sequins!

Now, like most girls, I love to get dressed up for a special occasion - but NYE is a totally different ball game! All year I see dresses & think - oooh that would be lovely for new years eve, but don't buy it as it's normally June or equally as in-apropriate to be buying a dress for December.. & then before I know it, it's December & not only do I not know what I'm wearing, I don't even know what I'm doing!

I blame the movies, they literally make me feel like NYE should be all singing & all dancing, a kiss at midnight, fireworks, champagne & of course, lots of dancing to  Auld Lang Syne! but actually, it doesn't normally end up that way. I remember one year still being in the queue for a nightclub at midnight as it was left so last minute where to go, one where I spent the majority in the toilet (tequila is not my friend!) and one where I cried as it didn't feel 'special'! What on earth!? Why the massive expectation for something mind-blowing?

So this year, myself & Stu have decided to go & see our friends in London & have a meal - How civilised is that! & honestly, I'm looking forward to it more than I have done before, as it's not full of expectation & I know that just being with some top pals & having a few cocktails will be bloody brilliant :) (I have a feeling people will read this & think.. yawn! you're planning your outfit for the party of the century.. maybe I'm just getting.. dare I say it... old!? ouch.)

However, & this is where I get excited.. no matter what I end up doing on the 31st December.. I want to wear sequins!! I literally can't think of a year where I haven't worn sequins for NYE, it just wouldn't feel right any other way, & I know I'm not on my own with that one as the shops are full to the brim with them! So, I wanted to show you some of my favourite & hopefully inspire your outfit in some way..

Here's my NYE outfits over the last 5 years..

See, I wasn't making it up! I have a teeeeeeny obsessions!
I love this dress, plus, no need to worry about eating too much as it's nice & baggy - I think I'd wear this quite abit too, can see it paired with leather trousers & in the summer with strappy sandals. Plus, it's only £35! Bargain!
Awww man I seriously need this Topshop Sequin Shirt in my life!! Plus it's now reduced to £45 from £65, I would personally put this with some tuxedo suit trousers like the below & some sexy heels.. uh oh, too tempted to buy it now!
Thes H&M tuxedo trousers are only £24.99 & I'd wear them dressed up for an occasion like this, or put a simple white tshirt with them for work - Everyone needs a classic pair of black trousers & £24.99 is a reet bargain!
I've been in love with these Topshop rose gold heels shoes for some time now, if you follow my instagram @cordelia_hearts you may have seen me share these already - yep - I still feel the same about them! but they aren't cheap at £58 so I've still not treat myself..still time though! ;)

I'm the proud owner of this Topshop flocked sequin dress & I've worn it twice in the last 2 weeks already, it's quite short & I've got a friend who returned it for this reason, but it really is lovely & worth the £68 price-tag. It's going to be one of those that every year will make an appearance - & it machine washes too! Plus... if it's good enough for our Bee! :) 

Ok,, so I certainly don't look like Beyonce, but it's a gorge dress!
(Worn with my Bulls on the case phone case & Rara de Barr bracelet)

I couldn't do a blogpost on dresses without mentioning my new project Cordelia Fox ! I'm not just saying this but this dress is by far one of my favourite in my wardrobe, it's so unusual with it's cape detailing & fits lovely - plus it's only £40! A few of my friends received theirs this week & the feedback has been great. If you're interested in purchasing please email us at :)  Worn here with my Adorn Accessories statement necklace.

 There's absolutely no way that I'll ever be buying this See by Chloe shirt dress from Net-a-porter with a price-tag of £380, but just look how simply beautiful it is! The gold trim is all gold sequins & I flippin' love it!

It's not got a sequin trim but our Cordelia Fox dress has a similar concept to the Chloe one - How about you get creative & sew a sequin trim around the collar? At £35 I know I'll be doing the same to try & recreate it! :) 
(again email if you would like one)

Well, that's about it from me - to be honest I've done myself absolutely no favours as now I want to buy everything I've written about! Would love to hear if this post inspired you in anyway! There's a link on my blog homepage that says 'click here to follow' if you press it you will get an email whenever I post! :)

I've got a couple of posts coming up over the next week or so, I'm off to London next week & I'll be writing all about what I'll be up to whilst I'm there.

Will you be buying sequins for this NYE?

Love Jenn x

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