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March Wish-list

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I was going to start off by saying I've not done a wish-list before, but that would be a completely lie - I do them ALL the time! I've just not shared one with you guys before.

I sometimes (ok, not very often) find that it helps with controlling what I buy, instead of just buying something spur of the moment, I have look at my list and think, do I want it more than what's on there? But then I somehow come up with some work around, which inevitably ends up with me buying it anyway and scraping by on a tenner for the last few days of the month. Oh it's all fun and games.

So here are some items that I'm lusting after this month, quite a lot from H&M, and everything else is also from the high street, so you'll be happy to know they're all affordable, just not all at once like I want to do...

How nice are these Mango shoes? I'm still not over this elongated fronting yet, I had some nude ones a couple of years ago that absolutely looked like barbie plastic shoes, but I find them really flattering on your feet. And this colour, well, as you'll continue.. you'll see a definite trend emerging from my choices!

These pictures don't do these trousers justice, nip over to the site & have a look at the waistband in more detail - it's pretty special! I love the styling of these too, with the jumper tucked in. I saw a lot of this on the Paris Fashion Week catwalks, really oversized knitwear tucked into trousers - so I think that's a good excuse as any to be buying a size up, and definitely not the overeating I've been doing since #BeastFromTheEast


She's a bit pricey I know, but I'm a huge fan of Asos White and find the quality / fit to really be worth the extra money than what you'd normally expect to pay on Asos. This top is just gorgeous, slightly resembling something you'd expect to see in Karate Kid, but I'm cool with that. I do feel like possibly I've gone a bit overboard in my wardrobe with this style sleeve - but one more won't hurt, right?

I've had this belt in my Asos saved items for a few weeks now & I'm not sure why I haven't bought it yet. Especially for £12! but I think it's because it's got a silver buckle when I'm going through a huge gold phase, I've always been a fan of nixing metals so that's not the issue, I just think I'd prefer this if it were gold - hmmm, wonder if the rostoleum spray paint would work here?! ;) (no really, would it!?)

If you follow me on instagram you'll already know how much a fan of these earrings I am, and pretty much everything else at Keishi Jewellery to be fair (oh & heyyy have you seen little old me on their site?!haha) & they're not in my ears yet, but I may or may not be aware about a birthday present which is heading my way this week... I'm trying to stay cool. but GET IN MY EARS.

H&M Wide Jeans - £39.99

I'm not sure why these are called jeans, when in fact they're cotton? but still, they're fit AF and I need them in my life. I've already fully imagined them with the above earrings, a white cotton shirt & my celine (pah I joke, I definitely don't own anything celine) sandals. As I sip on an aperol spritz in Portugal for one of my besties hen do. Aahhh bring on the sunshiiiine!

How nice is this? I've been contemplating this one for a while now, I love the gold hardware (obviously) and the triangle detailing rather than the circle that seems to be everywhere at the minute thanks to Chloe & the added bonus that it has the long strap.. actually, the more I type this the more I want it.. but I recently got this 'Hello you' bag for my birthday so I probably shouldn't... until tomorrow ;)

Now, I'm about to do something a little bit horrid.. I'm going to share something with you that's sold out.. waah I know, why would I do that?! Firstly, because you never know, it might come back into stock! and secondly, because you might find something similar - but this is the kind of top you might want to consider buying over the next few weeks if you can get your hold on it. I'm not a fan of 'dupes' as such, but hey when it looks so similar to this Khaite one at £638 I couldn't not buy it. Oh and yeh, that's the other thing.. I already have this, so not really a wish list item, but I only bought it this weekend if that counts!

Well, if you've made it this far to the bottom of the blog, then hopefully that means you enjoyed the read and a little look at some of the things I'll be drooling over in March! Did you end up buying anything? Would love to hear from you if you did, or likewise if you didn't but just want to say heeey!

If this is something that you like, then great, as I like writing it so will aim to do one every month maybe?

Happy March!


Bramley & White - The pink chair of dreams!

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Well hey there!

You may have noticed that I don't really use this blog any more, I'm definitely more of an 'instagrammer' than a blogger, but I just had to do a little feature on my new favourite independent interiors shop, Bramley & White. 

If you haven't seen me post a picture of this pink velvet chair, or at least talk about Bramley & White - I can only presume that you don't follow me on instagram -  Because my gosh.. I've hammered it!!

Not only am I in love with this chair as it is, because you know, it's pink, it's velvet, it's just so bloody gorgeous, but it's crazily named after me! I know right.. madness! Introducing, Mrs Cordelia  in blush, she also comes in the most beautiful teal...

So this blogpost is basically just to introduce you to Bramley & White, and independent shop in Farnsfield with a gorgeous online treasure trove, owned by the wonderful Becca. So that a) I'm not hogging it all to myself and, b) well, I think you know by now just how much I love supporting independents, particularly in my beautiful home town, Nottingham. 

Plus, I also wanted to let you know that if you use the code word THANKS on their website, you receive free delivery!

Here I am on the day that she arrived in my home - feeling like an absolute sass! (I've not sat on here since and I only just let people look at her never mind sit on her* ;)) *I joke *Kind of.

I wasn't sure how the pink velvet was going to sit against our green velvet sofa, but I went with it anyway and I just love the difference that she's made to the room (by the way, I for some reason have given this piece of furniture a gender, she is most definitely a she!)

My favourite corner of the house for suuuuure!

Next up are these gorgeous Nordic Style Rectangular Cushions , they have finished our bed off perfectly, they've just given it a touch of expensiveness that just wasn't there before - but without the price! They're only £15 but look and feel soo much more!
I'm a big fan of these ones too - Boho Cushions

I've never really done the whole 'bed dressing' thing before, I've always been pretty satisfied with a decent quilt cover, but that's it now, there's no going back - I can't actually believe what a difference a few cushions and a throw can make! 

Lots of people ask about our bedside tables, they quite literally are what they look like - some breeze blocks from a builders yard! I saw the idea on pinterest a few years ago and I love the industrial look they bring to the room - just don't stub your toe on them. Bleeeeedin' nora.

So there you go, a possible new store to have on your radar. 

Becca posts regularly on her instagram and only stocks limited amounts, so this is your best place to head over to, to make sure you don't miss the 'new in' pieces! 

Remember to use the word THANKS for free delivery on your basket..

Hope you've also enjoyed a little nosey at our house, I rarely post pics of our bedroom as it was just a bit plain, but I feel like it's upped it's game a bit now! ;)



Shhhh it's a secret (dinner club)!

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'Jenn, do you want to come out and play in Nottingham, try some delicious food and drinks, meet some like-minded lovely ladies (and gent! :)) but we can't tell you where we're taking you?'


That's precisely what happened the other week when the lovely ladies from It's In Nottingham and Gemini PR & Marketing contacted inviting me to the aptly named 'Secret Dinner Club', I mean, would you say no? Didn't think so.

Lucy & Kelly from Gemini PR & It's In Nottingham

Ok, so it's no secret that I blummin' love Nottingham! I've lived here since I was 11 and despite living in 8+ other cities in-between then and now, Nottingham's my home and it will always be somewhere I'm proud to say I'm from, I'm always inviting pals over for the weekend to show it off!

So to cut a beautiful evening short, as the images pretty much tell the story, we ate, we drank, we giggled and we of course, swapped Instagram accounts.

I had the pleasure of being accompanied by my pal Sarah-Jayne from Bella Coco, well I say pleasure,  I was on edge all night as she nearly had a baby, but you know, that's a story for another day ;) (It was a pleasure really haha)

Starting in Boilermaker, where they'd kindly made us a bespoke cocktail with all things Notts ingredients, oh and it was called the Left Lion - if you know, you know. If you haven't been to the Boilermaker, it's definitely worth the visit, even if it's just for the novelty factor alone - I won't say more than that, but just FYI, you don't need to take your dirty laundry.

This was followed by a visit to Curious Tavern, I love this little gem, although for those of you that remember Tantra (I'm older than most who were there, and sadly, they hadn't witnessed the bar that had beds, 'Beds?!' yes beds, in it.) it has a similar effect - because it's so dark you lose serious track of time and end up leaving, thinking it's time for a kebab, and actually, corrie's only just started! So we nailed some more cocktails (called the selfie cocktail, which was V. appropriate for the night!) and some well nice pie and mash...

.. and the next place was where I found my calling, I'm no stranger to Homemade Cafe but it's the first time that I've sampled basically ALL of their cakes, I normally go in there for a fish finger sandwich (so good!) and then too full to try their puddings, but wow, I went for it... the pics pretty much tell the rest of the story on this one, go in and ask for the After Eight cake, I mean, I don't actually know if that's what it was called, but it was a cake, and it tasted like After Eight, so I used my ridiculously vivid imagination with that one...

Said 'After Eight Cake'

So there you go, a right little treat of a night thanks to Kelly and Lucy, thanks girls you absolute gems! and of course, thank you to the venues that invited us along for the evening..

Oh and not that I was asked to say this, I swear, but if you live in Nottingham and don't already follow It's In Nottingham, then honestly, do it, I actually think I'm quite good at keeping up-to date with what's going on in Notts, but one visit to their site / social media and I soon realise that I don't know 'alf of it! Excuse the really bad sentence coming up, but if it's in Nottingham (get it?!), then they know about, so it's worth giving them a follow.

Social Media: Facebook Twitter Instagram


Wedding Event With A Difference - #WEWAD


Oh hey October.. You soon crept round! I've had the most gorgeous day at Save The Date Magazine's 'Wedding Event With A Difference' at The Roundhouse in Derby, and just had to share some images with you.

So, for those of you that don't know, I always help out with this beautiful event, but this was the first time going to it with a ring on my finger, so I kind of understand the overwhelming feeling that people describe - where do you start? I wanted a bit of everything!

I'm not going to tag all the companies I've took pics of, there were just SO many! However, head on over to Save The Date's Instagram, as all of the exhibitors are featured on there and on their website too... Whether you're a bride to be, or simply love looking at wedding inspo, you're going to be in wedding heaven! Their website is basically a one-stop for everything wedding related in the East Midlands, from your dream venue to the mother of the brides dress, they have a whole host of wedding suppliers on their site, making your wedding planning journey that little bit simpler and saving you trailing through lots of companies and websites. (plus, they pretty much pick the cream of the crop!)

 I know. Simply stunning.

Upset you've missed out? Never fear, they have 2 events a year, keep your eyes on their social media to keep up-to-date, the next one's in February!

Maybe see you at the next one! :)

Jenn x

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