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Happy Bank Holiday!.. Don't you just love that 'I don't have work tomorrow' feeling (sorry if you have, awkward) I'm sat here counting down the minutes before my boyfriend says 'time to go' as we are off out to Mr Mans in Nottingham tonight for a chinese  -So excited! Last night was my work Summer Gala (I work at Boots Head Office) & my head is feeling a little tender today, free wine & my greedy tendencies tend to have negative outcome...
Ooh Chinese here I come... BRB.

Oh. Em. Gee - Just got back & that was literally the best chinese meal I've EVER had, I don't know why I hadn't been to that place sooner, everyone talks about how good it is! (See pic below of me devouring duck pancakes!!)

Ok, so I'll start with the post now rather than continue with my hungover ramblings! Sorry! 

One of the main reasons I started this blog is so I could have an outlet other than my Instagram - as I'm very aware that I post ALOT of photos! - that I could talk to people about my love of fashion, discovering new brands & general styling tips. So it only seems right to do a post on one of most favourite fashion brands of the moment, Lavish Alice - I am literally obsessed with them lately & can't get enough of it! 
I'll start off by being honest & admitting that the reason that I bought my first piece was because I used to work with the lovely Matt Lucian who is the founder of Lavish Alice, & I thought I'd do my bit by helping to support his company, but my gosh he didn't need it because everyone is LOVING it! You can now buy LA at NEXTASOS & is available in some of the most beautiful boutiques around the UK, including my absolute favourite shop What Sarah Did in Hitchin.
My wardrobe is fully stocked with LA & so I wanted to share with you some of my personal faves from 
their collections - which changes everyday as there is ALWAYS something else that I 'need' from them..!

Sweater - Lavish Alice Ballet Pumps - Kurt Geiger (The shoes have sold out but I've just found these USC  identical ones for only £12!!) Leather look trousers - Primark and my baby  'Lily' Handbag - Mulberry
So here I am scoffing my duck pancakes this evening, & of course wearing my new Lavish Alice Cream & Grey Metallic Contrast Sweater £38, I literally haven't took it off since I received it! 

It's got a gorgeous silky texture & a pearly shimmer through the fabric - & what's even better is that it comes with matching shorts - £36 - I obviously needed them in my life too... :) 

... Not too keen on the muscle in my legs in this pic & I have the worlds nobbliest knees!!! but LOVING this co-ord action!

 The statement necklace I'm wearing will more than likely get a shoutout with every post I write as I HEART it! It's by Phantom Jewels & only £15.99 with free delivery! Hello!
Was funny taking these pics yesterday, my friend came round to get ready for our Boots party last night & I was like.. erm.. so this is totally vain & embarrassing.. but will you take some pictures of me please?! Cringe!! haha - but I know that a blog needs photos & I didn't mind showing off my favourite outfit of the moment ;)

I'd just had a cheeky blow-dry at my friend Frankie's salon in Stapleford too - Shirleys Boutique - by the lovely Blaise - she'd put lots of this magic dust stuff in my roots to keep it full of volume, that first pic is of me not loving the texture it left my hair haha..

Oh hi.. this is my face... I am not normally boss eyed I promise..

 I LOVE this Contrast Collar Skater Dress £42 by Lavish Alice sooo much, I bought it last year & this season they have done it in the most gorgeous peach colour (that link will take you straight to it..) I am very tempted to buy it in that colourway too.. naughty.. but so worth it! My watch is by Daniel Wellington & I literally feel naked if I'm not wearing it..! & my Sixpence necklace which I know I mentioned last time is handmade by Emily Margaret Hill - again, if I'm not wearing a statement piece, I will always be wearing this one - sometimes I just took it under my top & wear it anyway as it's quite a sentimental piece & I don't feel right if I'm not wearing it - soppy cow.

 This Lavish Alice Grid Jumpsuit is currently on sale for £23!!! GO, GO, GO! I actually bought the size 12 in this one as some of their pieces do come up a little bit smaller, but I think I would've been ok with the size 10 to be honest, but I like the way it's a baggy fit - I'm wearing it with my Primark sandals (which I live in!!) & one of my wardrobe staples, the Mango sequin jacket - this is about 6 years old so I didn't bother looking for a link, but I'm sure you will be able to find something similar, I just love the heavy metal sequins and relaxed cardigan shape.

 Ahh my Birthday dress, I blummin love this metallic badboy - it feels so nice on & I don't think any of my dresses have had as many compliments as this one, I really like how theres nothing that similar available so you're not going to see everyone in the same dress on a night out - Now this is the Rose Gold version which unfortunately has sold out... BUT it comes in silver too! woo! Lavish Alice - Silver Metallic Dress and for only £45 it really is a steal, the dress isn't leather but it's a close call! I'm wearing my faithful  Public Desire - Cleated Soles here - which they have now decided to do in nude too.. I WANT THEM.

& last but not least this BEAUTIFUL Lavish Alice - White Scuba Full Skirt Oh my, its so so pretty - but be warned, it is a little bit see-through so stock up on the nude knickers! .. talking of nude, it also comes in nude! Well... more peach actually, but that just seemed like a good link ;) Lavish Alice - Peach Scuba Full Skirt £45! Well impressed with that price, it looks a lot more expensive than that, I don't think this will be around for long though as it's already been spotted on the celebs..

So there you go, a full post on my favourite brand - can you see why I love it so much now?? Luxury pieces for high street prices, what an absolute winner!

Hope you liked reading this, or just liked looking at the images, & if you do happen to buy a piece of Lavish Alice because of this post please do let me know on here or my @Cordelia_Hearts :) Would love to see what you bought!


Ps I just found this last pic quite funny so thought I'd put it on... GOOD FACE! haha


Put your back(pack) into it!

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Okay, so the above outburst is precisely why I've chosen backpacks to talk about today - because I'm on the search for the perfect one, one minute I'm struggling to find one I like - next minute I'm struggling as there are too many I need! (You will soon discover that 'need' is a word I use a lot - when I'm shopping it often comes with a finger point.. about every 2 minutes!) Oh the dilemmas life throws at us hey!

Do we go for traditional black that will never let us down? White that looks cool as hell but wouldn't last 5 minutes, or go for the huge summer trend and opt for one of the gorgeous pastel colours that are everywhere at the minute?... Hopefully by the end of this post I will have made a decision, & helped you choose your favourite along the way..

I've had my eyes on this Topshop Backpack for some time now, I really like the square detail on the front and the chunky handle - It's not too bad at £80 considering it's real leather - this at the minute is probably winning the backpack race..
Topshop Premium Clean Leather Backpack - £80

If you're on Instagram & you haven't seen this bag adorned on every bloggers arm (back) - WHERE ARE YOU LOOKING? These Grafea Backpacks are absolutely everywhere at the minute, high five to the marketing team over at Grafea firstly because from looking at their Website it doesn't look like the young fash-pack are their usual target audience, but they've done something hugely right & these bags are at the top of every bloggers wish-list.. yes including mine.. I admit it, I'm no different from the rest! haha! Below are a few examples of the beauties sporting the bag of the summer... ok.. I'm even persuading myself now.. maybe this is the one???

Ok ok I might have a girl crush on Leanne Lim Walker

The stunning Kavita from She Wears Fashion is a little bit amazing too..

Bought one yet? ;)

There are SO many more to talk about, that this post could go on quiet a while so I'm going to end it with one of the most inspiring companies The Cambridge Satchel Company, oh where do I start with this brand?? It was when I saw their advert on TV about how the brand started in their kitchen in 2008 that made me throw myself into Cordelia, what an absolute dream! If you have no idea what I'm on about - take 2 minutes & watch this video, it gives me goosebumps every time!

Their backpacks are quite a hard leather but get much softer over time, they come in the most amazing colours & they are beautifully understated, perfect for the Normcore Fashion Trend (If you click there it will give you Vogue's definition of Normcore if you're not sure what i'm talking about..)
 I'm a personal fan of the neon yellow Sophie Ellis Bextor is showcasing above - I went for drinks the other day with my pal Jade & she has the same one with her initials on - TOO CUUTE!
Ok, so at £150 this isn't exactly a bargain - but lets be honest, it does look flippin' good!

Eeeek the colours!! I feel like I'm on Bugs Life - 'Don't look at the light.. I caaant heeelp iit, its just sooo beaautifffull..!' (please tell me you know what I'm on about?!)

...and here ladies, is a perfect example of an initialed satchel. Oh my. Pretty perfect don't ya think?? - & if that's a Burberry Trench she's wearing, then yeah - that right there, in my eyes, is borderline perfection.
Right.. So I'm at the end... and my decision has been made... 


What about you?


Make a statement

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Oh hey! Thanks for coming back! :)
What a crazy buzz it was pressing 'publish' on my last post, my heart was raacing!!haha.. So here I am for round 2 & I can already tell I'm addicted - I've decided to talk about the good ol' Statement Necklace & show you some of my favourites... enjoy, comment, follow or pop me a message over on my instagram, it makes me well 'appy when I hear people have read it!..

For those of you that follow me on @cordelia_hearts Instagram will know that if I'm not wearing my Sixpence Coin Necklace handmade by Emily Margaret Hill (pictured below) which I absolutely live in - then I will definitely be wearing a Statement Necklace or two!
I recommend you follow EMH Facebook as Emily sometimes post competitions to win one of their gorgeous handmade pieces... guess who won the last one... ONLY LITTLE OLD ME! I won the Double Sixpence Bracelet in gold to match this necklace & I'm craaazzyy excited to receive it!

This is my Emily Margaret Hill necklace - The coat I'm wearing is one of my fave purchases of 2014 so far from Primark!

I've included in this post some of my absolute favourite statement necklaces, there's so many gorgeous ones out there that we are slightly spoilt for choice ladies, but I much prefer to shop with independent stores rather than the high street for them as its nice to have that something a little bit different!
Phantom Jewels

 Crystal Elixir £15.99

This is one of my favourite statement necklaces EVER by by Phantom Jewels it was only £15.99 including delivery - & I promise it looks SO much more expensive than that in real life, there's nothing worse than finding a bargain, & when it arrives, you know exactly why it was a bargain! I was so flattered when they featured this image of me wearing it with my Kate Moss X Topshop white dress on their Instagram along with the likes of Leanne Lim Walker one of my go-to bloggers! Super proud moment! (I've included a pic of her below - what a stunner!)

Leanne Lim Walker is one of my blogger idols, she's got so many followers yet still finds the time to reply to people, something I will always aim to do (if I ever get to that point!) because I just find it rude when people don't bother responding to you... YOU'RE NOT BEYONCE.. Rant over ;)
Leanne is wearing both the Elixir necklace (which I'm wearing above) & another which may have sold out now as I can't see it on their site, but the Modus Operandi above is very similar and would look just as stunning together - Love, love, love!

Another one of the best places to go for Statement Necklaces, bracelets and more is Adorn Accessories, they have the most beautiful range of jewellery in & I'm a big fan of their @adornaccessories instagram too as they post beautiful pictures that inspire my outfit choices - I ordered some Queen Bee earrings from them recently & it came in the most adorable packaging! Little things like that make all the difference to me! Plus they are based in Nottingham, which is where I live, so I absolutely love supporting local companies.. :)

I love these two bracelets, perfect colours for this seasons pastel trends too! Charm Bracelets £27

The chunky chain on this is right up my street!

This is one of my favourite statement necklaces on their site -The Warrior - How awesome does that sound!? Thee Waarriooooor! ooh, so powerful! I think it would look AMAZING teamed with one of the Phantom ones too.. 

And last but by all means not least - The gorgeous jewellery over at Hugo Sophia Boutique, they haven't got a website yet but a little birdy tells me there might be one on its way soon.. Exciting times! For now you can contact them at, here's a couple of my favourites from their instagram feed..
These neon beauties are only £6.99! I'll take two pairs for that price please! 

Anyone recognise this beauty? It's only our very own Sarah-Jayne showing us how its done, teaming her Hugo Sophia statement necklace and her Matalan New York 5th Ave tshirt - love this look soo much, mixing statement jewellery with a dressed-down slogan tshirt is always a winner! (Yep that's right, that slogan tshirt link right there obviously takes you to the ones I design over at Cordelia! ;) )

I hope you like my 2nd post, any feedback, comments are VERY welcome - plus if you want to follow our blog that would be a blummin treat too :)


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