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Shhhh it's a secret (dinner club)!

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'Jenn, do you want to come out and play in Nottingham, try some delicious food and drinks, meet some like-minded lovely ladies (and gent! :)) but we can't tell you where we're taking you?'


That's precisely what happened the other week when the lovely ladies from It's In Nottingham and Gemini PR & Marketing contacted inviting me to the aptly named 'Secret Dinner Club', I mean, would you say no? Didn't think so.

Lucy & Kelly from Gemini PR & It's In Nottingham

Ok, so it's no secret that I blummin' love Nottingham! I've lived here since I was 11 and despite living in 8+ other cities in-between then and now, Nottingham's my home and it will always be somewhere I'm proud to say I'm from, I'm always inviting pals over for the weekend to show it off!

So to cut a beautiful evening short, as the images pretty much tell the story, we ate, we drank, we giggled and we of course, swapped Instagram accounts.

I had the pleasure of being accompanied by my pal Sarah-Jayne from Bella Coco, well I say pleasure,  I was on edge all night as she nearly had a baby, but you know, that's a story for another day ;) (It was a pleasure really haha)

Starting in Boilermaker, where they'd kindly made us a bespoke cocktail with all things Notts ingredients, oh and it was called the Left Lion - if you know, you know. If you haven't been to the Boilermaker, it's definitely worth the visit, even if it's just for the novelty factor alone - I won't say more than that, but just FYI, you don't need to take your dirty laundry.

This was followed by a visit to Curious Tavern, I love this little gem, although for those of you that remember Tantra (I'm older than most who were there, and sadly, they hadn't witnessed the bar that had beds, 'Beds?!' yes beds, in it.) it has a similar effect - because it's so dark you lose serious track of time and end up leaving, thinking it's time for a kebab, and actually, corrie's only just started! So we nailed some more cocktails (called the selfie cocktail, which was V. appropriate for the night!) and some well nice pie and mash...

.. and the next place was where I found my calling, I'm no stranger to Homemade Cafe but it's the first time that I've sampled basically ALL of their cakes, I normally go in there for a fish finger sandwich (so good!) and then too full to try their puddings, but wow, I went for it... the pics pretty much tell the rest of the story on this one, go in and ask for the After Eight cake, I mean, I don't actually know if that's what it was called, but it was a cake, and it tasted like After Eight, so I used my ridiculously vivid imagination with that one...

Said 'After Eight Cake'

So there you go, a right little treat of a night thanks to Kelly and Lucy, thanks girls you absolute gems! and of course, thank you to the venues that invited us along for the evening..

Oh and not that I was asked to say this, I swear, but if you live in Nottingham and don't already follow It's In Nottingham, then honestly, do it, I actually think I'm quite good at keeping up-to date with what's going on in Notts, but one visit to their site / social media and I soon realise that I don't know 'alf of it! Excuse the really bad sentence coming up, but if it's in Nottingham (get it?!), then they know about, so it's worth giving them a follow.

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Wedding Event With A Difference - #WEWAD


Oh hey October.. You soon crept round! I've had the most gorgeous day at Save The Date Magazine's 'Wedding Event With A Difference' at The Roundhouse in Derby, and just had to share some images with you.

So, for those of you that don't know, I always help out with this beautiful event, but this was the first time going to it with a ring on my finger, so I kind of understand the overwhelming feeling that people describe - where do you start? I wanted a bit of everything!

I'm not going to tag all the companies I've took pics of, there were just SO many! However, head on over to Save The Date's Instagram, as all of the exhibitors are featured on there and on their website too... Whether you're a bride to be, or simply love looking at wedding inspo, you're going to be in wedding heaven! Their website is basically a one-stop for everything wedding related in the East Midlands, from your dream venue to the mother of the brides dress, they have a whole host of wedding suppliers on their site, making your wedding planning journey that little bit simpler and saving you trailing through lots of companies and websites. (plus, they pretty much pick the cream of the crop!)

 I know. Simply stunning.

Upset you've missed out? Never fear, they have 2 events a year, keep your eyes on their social media to keep up-to-date, the next one's in February!

Maybe see you at the next one! :)

Jenn x


Snuggles & Kisses ft. Halle Rose

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You know what, I was going to start this off with the whole ‘I’ve not a written a post in so long because.. blah blah blah’ but I won’t bore you with that - All you need to know is, I’m back with a right treat to share with you!

If you’re new to my blogs then let me start off by saying, I love Nottingham. There I said it. And you know what else I love? Independent brands, so if that’s something that you might be interested to read more about then welcome to my blog and expect to read more about these 2 particular subjects :) and if they’re two combined subjects like the one you’re about to read about.. well, that right there, is my boat well and truly afloat.

Take one very talented lady and one gorgeous little girl, and this post was born - Welcome to Snuggles and Kisses ft. Halle Rose.

The pictures speak for themselves with this one, Snuggles and Kisses is THE cutest shop on Chilwell High Road in Beeston, Nottingham, which specialises in children's clothing and accessories, my friends all know it well, because since discovering it, I don’t buy their kids presents from anywhere else!

Beki hand makes all the clothes in her shop that ft. the label Snuggles & Kisses on them and the fabric choices will seriously spoil you for choice! I personally went for this flamingo print, because hey, it has flamingos on it, pretty simple maths.

I absolutely love these pictures and Halle was the most perfect little model (thank you Frankie & James for letting me borrow her!)  She worked her little butt off and had a well deserved nap after :)

I can't recommend a visit to Snuggles and Kisses enough, I promise you that you'll struggle to walk out of there empty-handed! Oh and they do boys too! I've picked up the cutest legging and bibs sets from there..

Click here to pop over to Snuggles and Kisses on Facebook

Click here to give a few double taps on their Instagram

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