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Mixing Metals - Yes or no?

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Heeeyyyyy you!

I'm kind of cheating with this post a little bit as I'm going to be redirecting you somewhere else... I've written a blogpost over at Bella Coco, for those of you that don't know, I'm really happy to say I've been asked to be the fashion blogger contributor over there! yay!

The post is all about mixing metals, whether that be gold, silver or a bit of copper - I talk about how I'm not afraid to wear it all together and do a bit of rule-breaking!

The photography is by the lovely Nicola White from Nicola White Photography/ and I think she's done an ace job.. so much so that I wish she lived at my house & could take pics of me all the time ;)

So... without further adu.. click on the link below to read the post, I hope you enjoy!  

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