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Bramley & White - The pink chair of dreams!

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Well hey there!

You may have noticed that I don't really use this blog any more, I'm definitely more of an 'instagrammer' than a blogger, but I just had to do a little feature on my new favourite independent interiors shop, Bramley & White. 

If you haven't seen me post a picture of this pink velvet chair, or at least talk about Bramley & White - I can only presume that you don't follow me on instagram -  Because my gosh.. I've hammered it!!

Not only am I in love with this chair as it is, because you know, it's pink, it's velvet, it's just so bloody gorgeous, but it's crazily named after me! I know right.. madness! Introducing, Mrs Cordelia  in blush, she also comes in the most beautiful teal...

So this blogpost is basically just to introduce you to Bramley & White, and independent shop in Farnsfield with a gorgeous online treasure trove, owned by the wonderful Becca. So that a) I'm not hogging it all to myself and, b) well, I think you know by now just how much I love supporting independents, particularly in my beautiful home town, Nottingham. 

Plus, I also wanted to let you know that if you use the code word THANKS on their website, you receive free delivery!

Here I am on the day that she arrived in my home - feeling like an absolute sass! (I've not sat on here since and I only just let people look at her never mind sit on her* ;)) *I joke *Kind of.

I wasn't sure how the pink velvet was going to sit against our green velvet sofa, but I went with it anyway and I just love the difference that she's made to the room (by the way, I for some reason have given this piece of furniture a gender, she is most definitely a she!)

My favourite corner of the house for suuuuure!

Next up are these gorgeous Nordic Style Rectangular Cushions , they have finished our bed off perfectly, they've just given it a touch of expensiveness that just wasn't there before - but without the price! They're only £15 but look and feel soo much more!
I'm a big fan of these ones too - Boho Cushions

I've never really done the whole 'bed dressing' thing before, I've always been pretty satisfied with a decent quilt cover, but that's it now, there's no going back - I can't actually believe what a difference a few cushions and a throw can make! 

Lots of people ask about our bedside tables, they quite literally are what they look like - some breeze blocks from a builders yard! I saw the idea on pinterest a few years ago and I love the industrial look they bring to the room - just don't stub your toe on them. Bleeeeedin' nora.

So there you go, a possible new store to have on your radar. 

Becca posts regularly on her instagram and only stocks limited amounts, so this is your best place to head over to, to make sure you don't miss the 'new in' pieces! 

Remember to use the word THANKS for free delivery on your basket..

Hope you've also enjoyed a little nosey at our house, I rarely post pics of our bedroom as it was just a bit plain, but I feel like it's upped it's game a bit now! ;)


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