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Cordelia's June Wish List

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Ok, so where on earth did May go!?!? Seriously -  I did a wishlist in April (you can read it here) and I told myself I was going to do it every month as it's my favourite kind of post to read... but before I knew it, May had gone and we are sat here halfway through June.

So, apologies for failing at the first hurdle! but hopefully this post will make up for it and inspire you in some way :)

I've been lucky enough to have a few holidays this year - thanks to my pal, Sophie, having her hen do in Marbella followed by her wedding in Portugal! So as you can imagine, I've spent a lot of my time doing 'holiday shopping' and buying things other than black skinny jeans and brogues!

First on my wish list is this ace beach bag from Monki (via Asos) I love the simple monochromatic look and the rope handle - but I also love the fact that it's only £20!

Sticking with the beach bag theme I'm a little bit in love with this straw bag with cactus design from Mango too! I think out of the two I'm going to go for the VACAY one, because when it comes to packing it I think it is going to roll up really small and be abit more suitcase friendly - leaving space for more shoes of course! but you could use this cactus one as a handbag on the flight and not have to worry about getting it squashed out of shape in your case.. decisions, decisions.. what do you think?

You may have read my post last year all about the gorgeous sleepwear brand 'Cozies' (you can read it here) well, ever since I started wearing their pyjamas, I've become a little obsessed with sleeping in luxury items, I'm not even kidding when I say this - I think it makes me sleep better!
Next on my wish list is the Georgina Gown in viscose and lace detailing - it looks so simple and chic and something I wouldn't be embarrassed to open the front door in unlike my current ;)

I've also got my eye on this beautiful set from Asos called 'Savanna' I just love the colour and the split on the trousers - I keep picturing walking around my hotel room in them in Portugal, standing on a balcony looking over the marina - ok ok, I admit it, I've fooled myself into believing that I'll look like Princess Jasmine when she's stood on her balcony.

I actually bought these 'Office Shoes' loafers last week in the off white, but then returned them as I had a massive guilt trip that I've bought too much recently.. but here they are now on my wish list, where I knew they would end up... so maybe I'll have to go back ;)

Now I don't know if this crochet detail top from Boohoo is on my wish list because it's pretty, because it's super cheap (£14!!), or because it reminds me of my pal Sarah-Jayne over at Bella Coco (She's a crochet blogger, so obviously this was named after her! ;) ) whatever the reason, I love it and think it will be a perfect go to top with jeans, a little denim skirt or teamed under a pair of dungarees to give it a bit of feminine detailing... Infact I think I might have bought this top before I even finish this post!

I've never actually bought anything from Missguided before, I'm not sure why - I always see things I like and my friends are borderline obsessed with the brand.. but there is one particular item that has recently caught my eye and it's this Black eyelet swimming costume via Asos it's only £22 and it has a great 90's aesthetic to it..

Ok, so there we go.. the items I've been lusting after for the last couple of weeks - you'll see on instagram (@cordelia_hearts) if I end up buying any of them after this post! ;)

Also, have you popped over to lately? By the time this post goes live.. my first contributor post will be live over there! Would love you to pop over and have a read!

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