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Elsie's Attic - Quite possibly the most perfect tutu!

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Good morning/afternoon/evening you gorgeous lot,
Thanks for popping by to my blog! I've got quite a special one to share with you today as for once it's not photos I've took in my mirror or images taken off of the internet.. oh no.. I've gone all out and got the professionals involved for this one!
Introducing the wonderful Nicola from Nicola White Photography (although it's certainly not the first time I've mentioned her on my blog as I just love her work!) I had the pleasure of teaming up with Nicola to get these images of quite possibly the most perfect tutu I've ever seen from Elsie's Attic, now you may have heard me mention them before too as they are actually a stockist of my tshirts , if you haven't already checked them out then you should go and have a peek, especially if you are tempted for a tutu this year, I'm obsessed with mine!
Elsie's Attic tutu's start from £50 for the mini and go up to £65 for the maxi, the one I'm wearing in these images is the midi and is £55. Personally I think for the amount of fabric you get and just how special this skirt makes you feel, it's worth every penny - and I promise I'm not being paid to say this!
This charcoal colour is my favourite, and that probably doesn't come as too much of a surprise! However, they come in the most delicious colours such as antique rose, baby pink, apricot and peach to name a few! I know, I know.. spoilt for choice right!?

I decided to put the skirt with a few different looks to show you that by all means a tutu doesn't mean it has to be for a special occasion, I loved wearing it with my trainers, Cordelia Hangry tshirt and leather jacket for a completely different look...

However, I'll admit, as soon as I put it with a sequin top and heels... I felt like an absolute princess!!! I soon started swishing around it, whether the camera was on me or not, and Nicola caught the moment perfectly...
I teamed the clothes with my everyday necklaces, I think adding too much bling would have took the emphasis away from the skirt. So I wore my Stone + Armour personalised necklace and my Missoma London gold horn - I love mixing metal colours and I think both worked really well against the grey tulle tutu fabric..

I'm having abit of an Avril Lavigne in this next image.. I used to LOVE her!!

Just incase I forget my own name.. both necklaces courtesy of Stone + Armour!


Look how happpppyyyyy I look!! haha :D

I was lucky enough to pick up this sequin top from Lavish Alice in the sale a couple of years ago so  unable to link where to get it from, but you can pick up the Calvin Klein tshirt at Urban Outfitters..

I hope you've enjoyed this post, sadly I can't promise professional pics all the  time going forward.. but if any photographers out there want to team up then pop me a message across here! :)

Thank you Elsie's Attic for designing this stunning skirt, and thanks again Nicola for such a lovely day shooting these shots in the most random graffiti spot in Nottingham ;)

Do you think you'll be tempted to purchase one? I'd love to see if you do! Tag me on instagram (@cordelia_hearts) or using the hashtag #CordeliaHearts  for me to see <3

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