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How to transform a room for under £200

It's weird, I made an announcement, both in my head and across social media that I wasn't going to blog anymore.. and I felt relieved, a huge weight off my shoulders, so why am I sitting here writing a blogpost? The only reason I can come up with, is because I want to, and nobody else is telling me to do so .. aaaah this feels good! ;)

If you already follow me on social you will have seen, because let's be honest I've took SO many photos! that I've recently given my downstairs bathroom a makeover, and I'm not going to lie, I LOVE it and it was super cheap to do, so I wanted to share with you how I did it and where I got the bits and bobs from...

I've linked everything after the pictures for you, some items now half price!...



This was my first time wallpapering so I was a bit nervous, and there were a few close moments where I nearly gave in (but after a few deep breaths and a quick convo with my instachum Lisa from Lisa Dawson Styling) I got on with it and I am SUPER happy with the outcome!

The wallpaper is from B&Q, part of the Julien MacDonald range and at £18 a roll it took the pressure off a bit, I wasn't sure about the glitter in it at first, I didn't realise it was there until I got it home, but after the first roll went up I fell in love and no regrets, I needed 3 rolls in total and you can buy it HERE

Since moving into this house over a year ago, I've basically took any opportunity I can to use metallic spraypaint, from curtain poles to picture frames so as soon as I realised that the piping in the bathroom needed a touchup I bought some silver spray, also from B&Q - now I'm not saying I 'recommend' this as such, because knowing my luck its letting off poisonous fumes (!) but if that doesn't put you off, then go for it! You can buy it HERE

The mirror was a bit of a rushed decision as I'm one of those people that likes everything done NOW, but I do actually really like it and the ledge is so handy for the handsoap seen as though our sink is so teeny - I've just looked online and it's now half price so if you were considering it, you're in luck! You can buy it HERE

Ahhh the copper toilet roll and towel holders, you might notice that most of the pics don't feature them, that's because I took so long choosing which ones I wanted, and also contemplating whether I had the skills to make my own... turns out, I don't. But a top lad on eBay does! My plan was to spray them silver to match the piping, but as soon as they arrived they were so beautiful I couldn't bring myself to do it - You can buy them HERE

I've been obsessing over 'Dot Hooks by Muuto' for so long now but just couldn't bring myself to spend £16 a hook, especially for a house that we don't plan on being in forever, so I was more than happy to pick up the Ikea version at only £1.50 for two! (I know!! haha! Slight difference) I think they look ace, and for that price I didn't mind getting a couple extra incase my coat collection gets any bigger - which of course it inevitably will ;) 

I picked up the towel, handwash and candle all from Homesense and decided to bring in a bit of grey to the room, I mean, it's in every other room so why ruin a theme hey...

I hope you like my little makeover, I was so impressed that the whole thing (including wallpaper paste and brush!) came to under £200.

I'd love to hear if this post inspired you in anyway, tag me on instagram - @cordelia_hearts in any of your pics where it did :)


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