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Wedding Dresses - For the guest


You may or may not have noticed, but for the last few years my summer has been overrun with weddings - I am definitely at 'that age'.

I love planning on what to what to wear, but it can sometimes be a struggle, there are unwritten rules which pretty much vary depending on the bride.. for me, I'll always stand by not wearing white and can't help but be a little judgemental about girls who wear white to a wedding, unless stated by the bride she wants you to of course. 

So I thought I'd share with you outfits I've worn over the years to weddings, and also some of my favourite dresses available at the minute... Hopefully this will come in handy for some of you :)

 The classic slip-dress

This picture isn't very clear I know, but I must admit, Hannah's wedding was a little bit of a drunken one and I barely got any photos... but actually, that quite often means it's one of the best right?

I wore a really simple black slip dress with a low cut back and a slit at the front, the dress was beautiful on it's own but as I was there for the whole day I thought best to wear my Kate Moss slip dress over the top and then that way it felt a bit dressier for when the evening guests arrived.

I've currently got my eye on this one from 'Cold Shoulder Slip Dress' from Topshop, not bad for £69 and would be perfect over the festive season too. 

The thing I tend to do is by dresses that are quite statement, and that often leaves me with the feeling of not wanting to wear it again.. unlike a slip dress which can be worn time and time again, very 90's but I love pairing mine with a t-shirt underneath for an edgier look..

The floral maxi-dress

It was only when writing this post and comparing these 2 dresses did I realise how similar they both are, I think without realising I am definitely drawn to a certain style! The first one is by a brand called The Reformation that I LOVE, this particular dress is a couple of years old now and I've sadly lost the middle tie bit.. oh and I also can't fit in it anymore! (awkward as it was only 3 years ago that I wore it to Pippas wedding!)
The second one was one that I picked up in the sale from Zara a couple of years ago and shoved it back to the wardrobe as a) it was too big and b) I knew it would come in handy for me or a mate and it was only £12!... that now, quite clearly, fits now. :/

I've picked some others similar that you might like..
Asos Ruffle Cape Dress - £65
Topshop - floral cut out maxi £46

The Reformation Poppy Dress- $388

The lace dress

This yellow lace dress from H&M is easily one of most favourite dresses I've worn, from the moment when I was with my mate Emma trying it on (tipsy) to putting it on for Sophies wedding in Portugal this year, it just felt special. It quickly turned into one of those items that you just couldn't get hold of and I started thinking that actually, would I really wear it again? So I actually decided to re-sell it and let someone else feel as special as I did in it.

The dress is actually a copy of the beautiful Azaelea Self Portrait dress but there was no way I could spend £240 on something that I might not wear again.. and wasn't for my own wedding! So this H&M  version was good enough for me..sadly I can't link to the actual dress even though it was only bought this summer as it's sold out, but here are some similar ones..

THE yellow Azaelea Self Portrait Dress - £240

I hope that helps! If you get the Azaelea I'll be super jealous! ;)

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