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Snuggles & Kisses ft. Halle Rose


You know what, I was going to start this off with the whole ‘I’ve not a written a post in so long because.. blah blah blah’ but I won’t bore you with that - All you need to know is, I’m back with a right treat to share with you!

If you’re new to my blogs then let me start off by saying, I love Nottingham. There I said it. And you know what else I love? Independent brands, so if that’s something that you might be interested to read more about then welcome to my blog and expect to read more about these 2 particular subjects :) and if they’re two combined subjects like the one you’re about to read about.. well, that right there, is my boat well and truly afloat.

Take one very talented lady and one gorgeous little girl, and this post was born - Welcome to Snuggles and Kisses ft. Halle Rose.

The pictures speak for themselves with this one, Snuggles and Kisses is THE cutest shop on Chilwell High Road in Beeston, Nottingham, which specialises in children's clothing and accessories, my friends all know it well, because since discovering it, I don’t buy their kids presents from anywhere else!

Beki hand makes all the clothes in her shop that ft. the label Snuggles & Kisses on them and the fabric choices will seriously spoil you for choice! I personally went for this flamingo print, because hey, it has flamingos on it, pretty simple maths.

I absolutely love these pictures and Halle was the most perfect little model (thank you Frankie & James for letting me borrow her!)  She worked her little butt off and had a well deserved nap after :)

I can't recommend a visit to Snuggles and Kisses enough, I promise you that you'll struggle to walk out of there empty-handed! Oh and they do boys too! I've picked up the cutest legging and bibs sets from there..

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