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Do you really ever get over that 'post travelling feeling'?


This blogpost all started this morning when bloglovin' emailed to let me know of some of the bloggers I follow that have recently posted.. one in particular catching my eye more than the other 'what I'm wearing today' 'how to style wedges' kinda things I'm used to seeing.. this one was simply titled 'that post travelling feeling'..

I took my 'Ken Teddy' that my grandad gave me absolutely everywhere! <3

Now I knew before even clicking on the link exactly what this post was going to say, it was by the lovely Nicky Houghton whom I've been following on instagram for some time now, watching her blog grow from 2k followers 20k so I knew she'd been having the most amazing time travelling & soon to return home, this title of course made me realise it must mean she was home...

After reading Nicky's post this morning, I just had to reply, I knew EXACTLY what she was trying to say and the thoughts and feelings going through her head.. I also knew that those thoughts and feelings over time will fade, so I did something that to be honest, I never do.. I replied to a blogpost!

This was my response:

'Oh huni, reading this post brought back so many memories.. I've been back for nearly 4 years now and believe me when I say it gets easier. Don't be scared by this but you might find yourself needing to go to the doctors, I did, and it helped a lot, just to talk to someone and get a little bit of support - they've heard it all before because this post travelling blues is something they hear about a lot now.

I was warned too, that it would be hard, but nothing prepared me for just how hard it would be - I felt like I was looking down on everyone, judging the fact that they were still doing the same thing in the same job & I resented them - that was one of the hardest feelings to overcome. I didn't want to be that person!
I ended up moving to London, I needed excitement & felt that was the only place I could get it - it worked for a few months but i soon got the 'I miss my friends' feeling that I was getting whilst away, so I came back and focused on what's next..
I was lucky enough to fall in love at this point which as you can imagine - helped ALOT haha, but I still had my down days even though I should have been 'blissfully' happy...
All I can say is, it gets easier, you need to accept that this is normal & now concentrate on the future and not the past - you've had an incredible experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life..
Now think about what you want to do with your career,put your energy into your blog, meet new people & maybe even think about where your next holiday is, or how amazing Christmas will be with your family this year.
I hope that helps, just don't expect it to happen tomorrow, and don't force it - it needs to and will happen naturally & one day you'll be like... Hey... I'm happy! :)
Take care lovely, looking forward to seeing your energy been put into your blog & seeing where it takes you! Xxxxx'

Nicky then messaged me privately saying how much my response had helped her and meant to her, so I thought, maybe it will help others too, hence sharing it on here with you.
Travelling comes in all different shapes and sizes, you might do 2 years of it like me, or you might do 2 months of it.. either way. returning home can effect people in different ways. You might have done a stint yourself and be reading this thinking 'wow, how dramatic!' that's fine, I understand that, and I envy you for not feeling that awful feeling of not knowing where you belong.

I don't think I'll ever really lose that post travelling feeling, and actually, I don't think I even want to! I LOVE reminiscing, remembering the nights sat on a boat in Vietnam watching shooting stars to working on a strawberry farm in Australia, they are memories that I'll have for a lifetime, but I don't think I'll ever quite lose that feeling of 'maaaan, I bloody miss that!!' 

Anyway, after sending that response this morning that's what's been on my mind a lot today, and I guess this blog is an outlet to share what's on my mind :)

Hope this helps at least one person, I probably could have done with reading it at the time!

You can read Nicky's original blogpost HERE

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  1. Aww love this post !!! You look lovely in all of your photos ! Would love to travel I love my holidays so much and get mega holiday blues ! The one from the Maldives was the worst by far and I was down for around a month. Love your blog xx

    1. Aw thanks huni - haha, they seem like a lifetime ago!! Is it something that you are planning? I'm hoping it will happen again one day, or at least reeeallly long holidays! hehe. Your Maldives holiday looked stunning xx

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