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The dark side... Dark decor style bloggers / Farrow & Ball

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Like most, I'm totally in love with dark walls when it comes to home decor - you can't even go on Instagram at the minute without seeing someone's dark hued homes courtesy of Farrow & Ball.

I'm thinking the living room is where I'm going to go for it, but more of a navy than a grey as I went for grey tones in the Dining room... But I'm scared of losing the statement that we get from our fireplace & the mantle feature.. What do you think? Do you think stick with white because of the contrast? Or go for it? hmmm...

I have 3 'go-to' interior bloggers on instagram who's homes I'm a little obsessed with, I don't go anywhere near instagram without checking out their feeds because nothing I ever actually want to see appears on my feed.. thanks for that instagram-warriors, and I've even turned on my post notifications for them so I get notified of when they post..

I'm pretty sure at least one of these pics will inspire you, they literally get my heart racing!

Firstly, the fabulous @KerryLockwood_, this isn't the first time I've mentioned Kerry on my blog & I'm pretty sure it won't be my last! She was the first person who properly introduced me to the dark side & I stumbled across her after she commented on a pic that one of my favourite homeware companies Rockett St George posted, within seconds I was literally spamming her account & had already decided that I was going to copy her living room (sorry Kerry, I hope that doesn't bother you too much ;) )
Here are just a sample of pics from Kerry's instagram account... it's obvious to see why it's up there with my favourite right? Kerry has VERY recently, (I'm talking this week!) launched her website where she offers an interior styling service - send her a pic of the room you want to transform & using the power of the internet she will work her magic even down to the measurements 'pushing your boundaries and taking your space to the next level'

Gah, it's too much, I just want to decorate NOW!!

The next person I discovered & the obsession started once again was with Kate at @overatkates, I actually think I found her account from one of those regular mornings where I stalk Kerry (Stalk, in the nicest sense of the word!) & then they did a '#WIDN' ('What I'm Doing Now' basically where instagrammers ask what each other are upto & it introduces other people to new accounts.. it clearly works too! ;) )
I got chatting to Kate & turns out she's blummin' lovely too... she offers similar style guidance to what Kerry does & I'd say her style has more of a vintage take on the dark, have a peek at her Easter table - super cute! You can contact her at and pop over to for more amazing styling advice.

I know right. Absolutely stunning. (that last pic is hilarious to me as it's like looking at my house, I didn't even know Kate had this rug from H&M then I saw it on her account, I think her style is clearly rubbing off on me!)

Are you feeling inspired yet? I'm literally gagging to go online & buy stuff to faff with!

The next interior stylist/blogger I have the pleasure of stalking is the fabulous Emilie from @stellaandthestars- I just love this blog which is beautifully named after Emilie's cuuuute daughter, Stella. (Yes, even names her daughter one of my favourite names... I knew I was a fan the second I found that out ;) )

I stumbled across Emilie's account after reading about her home in Style at Home Magazine. I was attracted to her home in a different way to the others, she used colour in a way that I hadn't seen or appreciated before.. I was mesmerised by her pink velvet sofa in her office & of course, her PRADA Marfa sign was immediately at the top of my 'need in my life' list (click here to read all about the story behind this print & where Emilia bought it from - come back though! Haha) & I instantly took to Instagram to hunt her down... I'm beginning to sound like a mentalist aren't I :/ I think you'll love her home as much as I do so I'll just shut up now & show you some pics...

Oh, & one more thing.. On Emilie's blog, she shares where she discovers her amazing purchases, this is not going to be good for my bank balance!!

Recognise that print? @theloftandus hehe... you can buy it here

The gorgeous Stella always makes an appearance on the StellaAndTheStars feed <3

So, there you have it... I've probably ruined any illusions that my home style was my own, because I clearly just copy these 3 gals! But hey ho, I'm not ashamed to admit that I need a helping hand, especially when their homes look THIS good.

I'd love for you to pop over to their insta feeds/blogs & let them know I sent you their way - share the love and all that <3

Have you gone over to the dark side yet? I'd love to see! Tag me in your Insta pics so I can take a peek :) (@cordelia_hearts)

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