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My 2015 in pictures...

Wowee, 2015, what. a. year.
Full of highs, very highs, lows and very lows. 

I went to visit the lovely Sarah-Jayne from +Bella Coco last night and she queried as to why I hadn't blogged much recently - my answer - I just don't know if people read it? Her response - So what?!

I think over recent months I've cared too much what people think (months, who am I kidding, that's a life issue!) and it's prevented me from just sitting down and writing like I normally would.

So she asked me to think about the last year and reflect on it, so I have done, in pictures!

Here, starting from January and working all the way through to today, I've added pictures of milestones in my year or just general memories.. oooor David Beckham.

I'm already thinking about what 2016's will look like - let's be honest, I think it will be a liiiittle less eventful than this year!

January started with a photo from a shoot with the most lovely photographer, Austen Blakemore. I can't believe how long my hair was - albeit I had extensions in! This was such a fun day with Austen & Sarah-Jayne
One of the best things I've ever done! Love my new eyebrows by Olivia Naylor - you can watch my YOUTUBE video all about the day I got them done here.
This is a photo from my 30th Birthday night out...Im only just coming to turns with it.. oh gosh how am I nearly 31?!?!
Love this pic of the girls & I <3
I got whisked off to London by Stu for my birthday and pretended I met David Beckham... sigh!
I attended (more than one!!) baby shower... yep, I'm definitely at 'that' age ;)
My obsession with rose gold continued... this may I add, is not my kitchen, I can only just get away with copper wine glasses! Stu seems to think I have an obsession... he might possibly be right!
.... no words required...

I followed the hype & chopped my hair off!
.... & then instantly regretted it when seeing a pic of my all time idols, the Olsen twins. Swoon.
I had the pleasure in seeing pics of my friends babies wearing Cordelia baby grows... TOO CUUUUTE!
..& I even got a little shoutout for Cordelia in the local newspaper 
I FINALLY quit my job and got a new one.. still at Boots.. but a million times better for me :)
I stocked up on my favourite perfume as a little celebrational present.. any excuse right!?
I spent a lot of time with my mum travelling to Louth to visit my Grandad as he was receiving treatment for cancer..
.. which devastatingly ended his life on July 13th. 
Stu & I took the trip of a life time to Chicago to visit his best friend Tom & go to Lollapalooza festival..
Followed up with a  week in Miami, watching the most beautiful sunsets <3
To then get back to the UK and sign the final documents for our 1st home!!!
...& then my obsession with homeware began... uh oh. Homesense has ruined me!!
I became a very proud God mother to my own little ballerina, Savannah <3
Things got a little too much in September & I looked to a couple of self-help books for guidance, I couldn't recommend The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters enough!
I FINALLY got round to filming another YouTube video about some of my favourite things in September.. you can watch it HERE.
Pips, Jo (her mum) & I took a day trip to Saatchi Gallery in London to see the Mademoiselle Prive exhibition.. this is us sat on the famous Chanel stairs :)
We finally got round to getting our bedside tables - from a builders yard! You can't beat a bit of Pinterest for inspiration.
After 7 years of not having a car -  I fiiiiiiinaaallllly bought my second one! This was a GREAT DAY. Could my grin be any bigger?! haha
I practiced my contour & dressed up as Black Swan for Halloween..
... & after the arrival of my favourite chair, my dressing room started taking shape. (still my favourite room of the house!)
Myself & Jade (Jade is NOT in this picture! :/) took calls till 2am for Children in Need - sadly this was also the evening of the Paris attacks. 
Stu & I celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a metallic overload.
... & surprisingly (as I hadn't been advertising them & contemplated closing the website) the Cordelia t-shirt sales started coming in for Christmas..
... My love for Becks continues...
.. & Stu FINALLY joined the 30 club, he can no longer call himself my toyboy... well.. for 2 months anyway! :/
I surprised him with a weekend in Milan, biggest secret I've ever had to keep and it was tough! Best weekend ever though, definitely recommend those thinking of visiting to go at Christmas - the Christmas markets are ace!
The dining room got decorated thanks to Dunc from D&B Decorating in Stapleford... Just in time for Christmas!
I was given the responsibility of decorating the table on Christmas Day - my love for rose gold shone through!

I received the Missoma London necklace I've been lusting after all year!! <3 <3
.... & only yesterday I got totally spoilt to my first proper designer handbag!! I can't stop looking at her!!!
So there we go, my year in pictures. There are some moments in there that I will remember for the rest of my life, whether because it was the best moment of my life or my worse.. either way, I think it's easy to say that I won't be forgetting 2015 in a hurry...

I would love to see pictures from your year, make sure you tag me or comment below if you have done a similar blogpost that I can read.

Happy New Year you lovely, lovely lot & thank you for all your support in 2015

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  1. Yaaaasssss! Loved reading this! I bet it feels good to get a post up doesn't it?! :) x

    1. Hehe, yes it really does!! Thank you for being such an inspiration <3

  2. I really enjoyed seeing this and it has inspired me to do look back and reflect on my 2015 - I think I want to have a go at it and see what it is I have been doing this year as I always always feel I'm not achieving enough with my life. Oh and keep blogging for sure as I enjoy reading it and seeing all things 'gold' :) Liz x

    1. Aw thank you Liz, that means a lot - yes I really recommend giving it a go, I mean, I know I've had a busy year - but when I actually took the time to go through it like that, it made me realise just how much has happened! I'm sure if you were to do the same you will realise you're achieving a lot more than you realise. <3
      Haha, thank you - It's just when people say 'what do you blog about?' and my only answer is... me! that I think, why on earth do I do it!??! but receiving comments from people saying they enjoy reading it honestly means a lot.
      Happy New Year lovely xxx

  3. Looking at your blog its clear you have done and been through lots, and the whole point of blogs and social media is to talk about yourself I think and that's why us follows, follow people lol

    One thing on my list for this year was to start a blog as I love to write but just can't get my head around setting up an account, hence why this comment is under Palm-tree dreamer and the other under my actual name Liz Palm-tree dreamer is the blog I actually started and wrote the whole of two reviews on books ha ha I am a bit useless when it comes to IT creativity. Perhaps that should be on my list for 2016.

    Happy New year and I will look forward to seeing your new years outfit.
    Liz x

  4. I am assistant to Prof Steve Peters and he is delighted that you have found the Chimp Paradox of value.

    1. I'm not sure why I have only just seen this message, but thank you so much for your comment. I love that he is aware of how much I have benefited from the book - I recommend it to people all the time.

      Thank you :)