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My latest trouser crush..

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I seem to have developed a new obsession over night - I have always classed leather trousers as a staple part of my wardrobe, in winter I literally live in them, whether they be skinny or oversized, but even I will admit that sometimes it's nice to inject a bit of colour into my wardrobe, and that's where oxblood leather trousers come in! Ta-da!
Combined with grey and black this look is one of my absolute favourites at the minute - and I was so lucky to have bought some from primark 3 years ago in the sale which I recently found tucked away at the back of my wardrobe! 
Here's a few looks that have inspired me and at the bottom I've put a few links to pairs incase you fancy treating yourself too :)

All images taken from pinterest with the search 'Oxblood leather trousers'

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