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30 things to do when you're 30

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Turning 30 was a bit of a moment for me, firstly because I was leaving my boyfriend behind in his 20's but secondly because I just didn't feel ready!?
I freaked out, I cried, my anxiety went through the roof.. and then slowly I decided to accept it. After all, I had a very exciting year ahead what with searching for our first home. 
One day I sat down & wrote a sort of bucket list, 30 things I wanted to do by the time I reached 31, some of the things are obviously fairly specific for me, but you get the jist and more than welcome to use the list yourself for when your day comes... or maybe as a new year thing?

Over the year I'm slowly working through the list but keep reminding myself about number 14, there's no pressure. This is for you and nobody else.
  1. Buy a piece of furniture that will outlive you
  2. Appreciate one thing every single day and say it out loud
  3. Buy one piece of nice jewellery for yourself, just because
  4. Create an exercise routine that you will stick to
  5. Save money, even if it's only £20 a month
  6. Don't worry if you haven't found 'your style' yet
  7. When people compliment you, take it, and say thank you
  8. Stop drinking cheap vodka. Seriously. You deserve better.
  9. Watch Star Wars from the beginning
  10. Take more of an interest in art
  11. Stop giving up so easily
  12. Start taking an interest in wine and actually understand the different types
  13. Learn how to light a fire
  14. Turn the pressure notch down a little -what will be will be
  15. Have more nights in with the girls
  16. Bake a cake from scratch
  17. Ask a friend if they want to go on a road trip to somewhere you haven't been - just because
  18. Drink more water
  19. Use more fresh ingredients
  20. Read more blogposts
  21. Buy less, invest more
  22. Learn how to play an instrument
  23. Buy your friend some flowers when you pop round for a brew
  24. Play sport, even if its in the garden with family
  25. Test yourself regularly on countries and locate on map
  26. Ring mum more often
  27. Think before reacting
  28. Visit an old friend you haven't seen a while
  29. Look after your things better
  30. Ask more questions about politics

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