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Down to a tea.

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Ooooh put the kettle on duck!
It’s funny, I’ve never really been much of a tea drinker – so when people get physically upset by their cup of tea if it’s not the way they like it – I have to refrain myself from laughing. However, recently, whether it be age and the fact that I feel the cold more (wow, did I actually just say that!?) or that I felt a bit left out when I wasn’t part of the tea round at work – I’m beginning to realise the importance of a perfect brew!

Milk first! Water first! Don’t leave the bag in long! Sweetener not sugar! The requests are endless and I used  to write down how people like it to stay in their good books when I get it right first time.. Brown nosing at its finest!
I’m pretty easy to please in the tea bag department and I hate to admit, as I get judged enough as it is, I’m partial to a bit of decaf when I can get my hands on it, but the perfect tea for me? It HAS to be Teapigs Rooisbos Creme Caramel!
It’s just fab for when I’m in need of a sugar fix but trying to avoid the chocolate from the vending machine and as an added bonus it’s rich in antioxidants and nutrients too, oh and if you’re lucky, every now and then you get a little chunk of caramel segment – win!
Now the all-important question follows… are you a dunker??
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