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It’s official.
I’m an adult, a real life adult with real life responsibilities!
Stu & I have only gone and bought a blummin’ house!!
An actual house, no more climbing up stairs to get to our flat front door, no more being able to have a conversation from any point of our flat because of how small it is, no more…. Having money to frivolously spend on!?!
Oh. Crap.
It’s all fun and games searching for a home, nosy'ing around people’s houses, creating pinterest boards of what you would have in your dream kitchen – hello, I need that copper cooker!
But reality has just hit – I have our keys in my hands (well, not literally, typing would be an issue!) and we are having to say no to doing things with our friends to save for things we want due to our outgoings doubling in a blink of an eye...
But wow, what a feeling, we have a home J somewhere that I am actually going to be excited to go back to after a day at work, and even more excitedly – until the pitter patter of kids arrive (a while yet believe me!) I’m having one of the spare rooms as a ‘get ready room’! A GET READY ROOM!!! I struggled to have a get ready corner in our last place!
So, basically, this post is to prewarn you – home style posts will increase, Asos might go out of business and you are going to see more and more of my items being sold on my @depop due to not being able to afford to keep up with my current spending habits.
Here are some of my favourite places/websites for homeware shopping:
Local auctions (Nottingham cattle market is brilliant!)
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1 comment:

  1. So happy for you both ! It's the best feeling ever , I can't believe it's almost been a year on Dec since we got the keys to our place ! So so exciting xx