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Copper loada this!


Why hello there! It's been a while hasn't it! :( My head has been so wrapped up in my birthday celebrations and my 'real-life' job for the last month that my blog has totally side-lined.. but I've pulled my finger out and I'm getting back on it again! :)

Have you seen my latest venture with setting up a YouTube channel? You can watch all about what I got up-to on my birthday & some of the presents I received.. Hope you like it!

So, everyone who knows me, or follows my Instagram will know that I have an undying love for anything rose gold or copper, it's been going on for a couple of years now & it doesn't seem to be going anywhere!

Well it was inevitable that this crush would move on to home-ware too so I thought I'd do a little blog about some pieces I love.
The above pic is some of personal favourite rose gold items in my wardrobe..

Whether it be something you can wear or something for the home, I hope you see something that inspires you...

I absolutely LOVE these copper pendant lights, Stu & I are in the process of buying a house & we are committed to ensuring that these beauties feature in our house somewhere, I'm thinking in the kitchen depending on the size. They are from County Lighting which can be found via this link on They aren't cheap at £95 but I think they will make a fabulous statement item in our home.

These candle jars are tooooo cute! They would work in literally any room of the house, I think something like this could work well on a bathroom windowsill to add a bit of warmth - I'm now daydreaming about lying in a bath with these lit, bliss.
These particular ones are by Little Pearl Button, again from and available via that link for £15. 

I'm thinking that they could be a sweet little DIY project too,The Gift of Creativity sell copper paint for glass super cheap - I'd love to see if this is something you attempt, tag me on Instagram with #cordeliahearts if you do :)

One of my favourite websites for homeware is MADE, they are a fab company based in Soho, London and do the most amazing pieces at really affordable prices - this clock is only £29! I love the simplicity of it.. and of course, the copper edging! :)

Moving away from home-ware, I actually talked about this lovely brand 'Lisa Angel' on My Birthday Video and thought I'd share them here too as they have some lovely rose gold pieces..
My friend bought me the necklace below with a personalised birthday message which was so sweet - they make the most cutest personal presents.

Personalised Engraved Rose Gold Bar Necklace - £24

This is one of my go-to nail varnishes by Essie, as I work at Boots I am always picking up one of these badboys on my lunch break, they are addictive & I'll be the first to admit that I have far too many! I tend to put a pink nail-varnish on first and then the  gold over the top to give it a rose-gold tint.

You may have seen on my Instagram recently that I had the absolute pleasure (& total fan girl moment) in meeting Sam & Nic Chapman from Pixiwoo, they were so lovely & I have since become even more into their beauty brand Real Techniques & their YouTube channel where I pick up lots of make-up tips. Well, step into Boots (no, I'm not being sponsored for this post haha) and you will see their AMAZING 'Bold Metals' range.. told you I was a sucker for ANYTHING rose gold! haha.

I could share soooo much more with you as literally everywhere has managed to get a bit of copper/rose gold into their collections, whether that be home, fashion or beauty - if you're not sure about it and don't want to be splurging just yet then H&M Home (One of my fave places EVER!) have the perfect thing for you -  a lovely little candle for only £3.99!

I don't tend to do many home style posts but I think this might change as we are currently in the process of buying our first home.. eek!! So I think I'll be doing lots of decor research in the future.

Thanks for reading :) Please share with your friends & family if you think it's something they would like to read and don't forget to take a peek at my YouTube channel .. I have a teeeeny 38 subscribers so would be a reet confidence boost if you subscribed ;)

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  1. Lovely post Jen! Thought you might like to check out my lessons from our first year with a mortgage - just as a bit of a heads up!
    Other than that, I know that you LOVE rose gold and copper tones, I thought you might like to check out my friend Vanessa's hair - she just died it that colour and its GORGEOUS!

    1. Aw thanks lovely, that's soo sweet of you!! Will definitely be checking that out!

      Your friends hair looks amaaaaziiing! <3 xx