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It’s raining cats & dogs - Brat & Suzie

I’ve had the pleasure of writing a blog post about this lovely brand before – you can read it 'Here'
So I’m sure you can imagine how delighted I was when the lovely Polly from Brat & Suzie contacted about their new range!
How cuuuute is this rain mac, I’m pretty sure by now you might have guessed that I love anything monochrome, so this mac was an easy decision for me when perusing their website
I chose this 'Raining Cat's & Dogs' rain mac because, well, it's just so blummin' cute! Firstly, as mentioned, it's monochrome so 'tick', but I also love the print - it's adorned with the sweetest illustrations of cats & dogs falling from the sky :)


Something you might not know is that I don’t own a car at the minute, so I walk, a lot! I’m lucky that my work is walkable from my home but when it rains I blummin’ hate it! So this mac has saved my ass (and hair!) on a couple of occasions already! J
This one is also on their website and it features the cutest bright folk print with bunnies and flowers on. - Folk Bunny Festival mac £35.

Both the macs in the range have snap button fastening, which is perfect for me because there’s nothing worse than getting from work and struggling with buttons when my fingers are frozen! This badboy just rips straight off! J
If you’re not tempted by the mac but love the cutesy prints then fear not as there are plenty of other similar pieces you can choose from; the raining cats and dogs print is available on a Tshirt Dress and I’m a huuuge fan of this Rio Co-Ord for the summer too..
I had such a  lovely morning taking some pics down at Attenborough Nature Reserve, I'm so lucky to have this little haven to go to when I want some time out - the water was mesmerising the way that half of it was frozen, not going to lie - It took me ages to work out how the birds were walking on it!!
I do think that a few more minutes & these swans would have eaten me.. they were making some right odd noises!

Thanks again Brat & Suzie, I’m so proud to be representing your brand again & love watching your brand grow across your social media. (which are below if you’d like to follow them too)
Twitter: @bratandsuzie
Now excuse me whilst I go & jump in some puddles.. 'coz I can! ;)



 Love Jenn x



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  1. Wow - your mac is amazing, I love it!! I must get one, will come in very handy in the commute to work!


  2. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for 'The Versatile Blogger Award', you can see my post here:

    Amy ( x