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What Sarah actually did...

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She blummin' well smashed it, that's what she did!!

Sarah and her beautiful 'Army of Angels' as they are now famously known as!

If you don't know who I'm talking about then you definitely haven't arrived at this page from my Cordelia_Hearts Instagram because I literally Woman Crush Wednesday every day of the week on this lady! - Follow Sarah's instagram here - What Sarah Did - Instagram

The gorgeous Sarah Clare is the very proud owner of Hitchins finest boutique 'What Sarah Did' and Saturday 31st May, Sarah and her army of angels put on a day to remember and I for one, will remember it forever!

I have a lot to thank Sarah for, this blog for one included probably - she made me realise Cordelia's potential & sparkled into my life like a fairy godmother with her timing!
One of my tees sat next to a gorgeous Rains Jacket

For those of you that follow my insta will know that 'What Sarah Did' is by far my favourite boutique around & I am forever drooling over all of her posts of gorgeousness from the likes of Lavish Alice (yes, I know, I mention them ALL the time) Mink Pink, Neon Rose, Rock & Religion & of course my very own baby, Cordelia.

When Sarah told me she was having a fashion show & would be showcasing my tees, I immediately cancelled all plans (- including a bridesmaid fitting - which I will FOREVER live in debt for with my best friend Lisa, I'm sorry Lee & I promise not to eat any pies from now until the wedding!!) & my boyfriend, Stu, & I made our way to Hitchin & planned a fun-filled weekend in London.
This is where my boyfriend waited as I tried endless amounts of clothes on, it's OK Sarah fueled him with Cava, she knows what works! ;) (oh and these AMAZING cushions are £23 from the store... So cute!)

It was weirdly, the first time I actually got to meet Sarah in person, we've created such a strong bond over the internet (Ha, I do realise how that sounds) & I was genuinely nervous to meet her for the first time - but as I stepped through the doors of her beautiful store, all nerves vanished & we both let out a little squeel... awww.. how romantic heh! ;) Within seconds my delivery of tees were sweeped from my arms & her gorgeous models started choosing their favourite tees & creating fabulous outfits with them - whilst I happily rummaged through the rails & waited for the bf to park up in the local Waitrose!
See the peach Jarlo dress on the left? Yep.. I NEED that!

Can you blame me for spending a small fortune in here??? I wanted EVERYTHING!

Loving the combination of Jarlo & Lavish Alice together on the rails!

The girls all looked so gorgeous & it was fantastic to see them all glammed up for the special day! 

And then of course, the show began! - It was such a great afternoon & I loved watching Hitchin come alive in the market square, I've never been there before but I most definitely will go back! I have never seen so many gorgeous independent shops & cafes in one place! I really wish we had somewhere like that in Nottingham .. although it's probably safer for my bank account that we don't!

Can you spy Stu & I on the front row? haha..

The lovely Lottie did me so proud in her tee, I couldn't resist grabbing her after for a photo opportunity!

I of course didn't leave the store empty handed! How could I?? I've been lusting after this perfect little shop for too long now.. Here I am, slightly tipsy, slightly emotional and slightly skint with the one and only Sarah..

....and this is what I bought...

Seriously just look at them... I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THEM. I bought these moda in pelle shoes for a wedding - for now they are just sat on my dressing table making my flat look like a prettier place to live in!!

I really love this Neon Rose kaftan too, I ended up buying the size 12 as they had flown off the shelf at #WSD but it's fine, it doesn't really matter what size you buy - those of you that follow my insta will know I wear size 18 tops as dresses half the time anyway! :)

Now this image I've actually stolen off of Lottie's instagram as I thought it was just tooooo cuuute that she bought the outfit that she modeled - but not just that, I bought this Vero Moda white pu skirt too :)

It was such a fantastic day & I got to meet some absolute diamonds (a huge thank you to Kayley from Bulls On The Case for sending me some pics across from the day!) there were a lot of proud moments & I was just so honored to be part of it all! I already can't wait for the Autumn/Winter show towards the end of the year - & hope I get to meet a lot more of you at it, believe me, 'What Sarah Did' is well worth the trip!

Thank you Sarah, for just being you! You really are an absolute legend.

Who doesn't want this Lavish Alice two piece?! SO GORGEOUS. I capitalise when I mean it!


What Sarah did…
4-5 Bancroft
Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 10am – 5.30pm
Sat 9.30am – 5.30pm
Sun 11am – 4pm
01462 431 437

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