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Hey you lovely lot!

Ok, so this isn't a usual post of mine! I mean, it's not going to be telling you how fabulous a dress is or that you NEED a necklace that I'm currently lusting after - fear not, they ain't going anywhere!.. but this time, I just wanted to talk a little bit about.. well... me!
Me. 29. Pisces. Emotional.

You know when you just want to write something & the importance isn't that someone will read it, more so that you have got the thoughts out of your head? I've done it for yeeaaars, as a kid, well I'd say 10 onwards, I always had penpals or diaries to jot my thoughts down onto - you know, the ones with a lock on it so your parents couldn't read it? (by the way, LIES, they can.. I wish I knew that before I was writing down that I had a huge crush on my next door neighbour!)
I'll never forget a girl I used to write to called Sam, she put bracelets in my letter once.. yeh I know really nice of her right? Until she wrote 'I've put some shag-bands in the envelope for you' ...well seeee yaaa later Sam, coz my dad didn't let me reply to that one! haha, I've never spoke to her since either, I wonder if she got hers snapped in the end ;) (if you are under the age of 25 I don't think you will have any idea what I'm on about...I've attached a pic of said bracelets)

Yep, these are shag-bands & I wore them all the way up both arms! Do you remember them?
So I'm sat here on a Saturday night with a glass of wine, I've just had my teeth whitened & I'm in friggin agony!! Have you had them done before? ... Oh god.. wait, sorry I need to interrupt my train of thought.. the footballs on & Englands playing, so like a lot of girls out there, for the evening I will pretend I'm interested ;) .. but my bf Stu has decided that it being on the tv isn't enough & he's now blasting 'Vindaloo' as loud as he can through his ipad, one sec, I need to get a pic of this - he is LOVING LIFE!

He's going to KILL ME for this picture, he has no idea I've took it as he's so fixated in this music vid.. if for any reason you read this blogpost twice, you might find that it's not here next time round!! haha..
So anyway, as I was saying.. what was I saying?.. (*quick peek at last paragraph..) teeth whitening! Oouuucchh! I'm in so much pain, worth it, as they do look better, but theyre SO sensitive right now to the point I want to pull them out.. I'm a bridesmaid next week for the first time ever & the bride & maids are all proper glamour-trons, so I thought I'd have them done as to not lower the tone in the photos ;) to be fair, they were pretty white anyway (according to the dental nurse lady..) but sometimes you just need a little sommat to make you feel better... which is why I'm having my hair, nails, eyelashes, brows and tan done too! haaha... natural beauty me! paha! ;)
The bride, Lisa, is stood next to me in the blue dress, the leggy brunette! We've known each other our whoooole life & I can't wait to walk down the aisle behind her.. #proudmoment

I've been thinking lately that I LOVE writing the fashion posts on Bella Hearts, it's borderline all I think about.. but it has recently crossed my mind that I'd like to bring a bit of 'me' into it too.. you know, abit Carrie Bradshaw'esq, my stepsister always tells me that I remind her of her, & I'm not going to lie, sometimes I do think 'What would Carrie do' when making life decisions - so I'm thinking I might just ride the huge compliment wave & see where it takes me.. (Please, if you think this is THE WORSE blogpost you've ever read then don't be afraid to tell me, I might not ever talk to you again.. but I'd value your opinion!)

I just feel like I speak to sooo many people on insta, facebook etc & some people message me saying 'I wish I had your job' or 'How did you get into fashion'.. but they couldn't be more wrong! I'm just an over-sharer! I see a dress I like, I share it, see a necklace I like, I share it.. I've always worked in retail, which at one point included opening a couple of boutiques in Nottingham (Pink & Lilly incase anyone reading this is from Nottingham) so I do know a thing or two about styling & make sure I'm aware of new brands or something that little bit different to what you can find on the high-street, but my real life job is actually in recruitment at Boots head office! Not so glam hey! haha.. Although, don't get me wrong, I do actually love my job, but it's amazing how misleading social media can be! I see girls writing on peoples insta all the time 'I wish I was you' or 'you have the most amazing life' (not on my insta may I add!!ha) but really, we have NO idea what their life is like, they could work at Tesco or be a window-cleaner day-to-day just uber good at taking pics of themselves in pretty clothes & posting pics, I just think it's a dangerous world for girls to aspire to something that is sometimes un-achievable or in some cases, fake! I dont really know where I'm going with this rant.. just getting some thoughts out my head...

I've had a few Cordelia orders today which has been fab, I genuinely get SO excited every single time an order comes through, I'm going to get my creative cap on this week & try get a new one thought of.. feel free to send me any ideas you have! Love the inspo that people tag me in on instagram @cordelia_hearts all the time, it makes my day!.. but baring that in mind, I def want them to be as original as possible, there are a lot of slogan tee companies out there doing the same thing so try my best to avoid slogans already out there..

Ok, so my boyfriend has suggested we play a drinking game whilst watching the game.. a sip of drink everytime the ref blows the whistle.. something tells me he's trying to get me drunk!!

Have a fabulous weekend girls (and boys if any reading!) the next post will be about fashion don't panic.. just wanted to mix things up abit! <3


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