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Oh hey there!

Sorry it's been a while since my last post, I've had a lot on & it's been doing my head in as all I've wanted to do is write about the most amazing jewellery I've stumbled across on instagram called Le Lapin . It is simply BEAUTIFUL!

Before I go any further with this.. bare in mind if you buy anything.. use the code 'cordelia' at the checkout to receive 10% off!!

A little bit about Le Lapin..

Le Lapin is fairly new on the scene but every time I check their instagram @lelapinuk it's obvious to see they are getting noticed more & more by the day, the lovely Claudia Barnett who founded the company in 2013 has a very keen eye for vintage, modern & costume jewellery that has you captivated, I for one have literally fallen in love with all that she sells & have a list as long as my arm of stuff to buy on payday!

Claudia started by selling jewellery on eBay & after soon discovering that she was destined to have her own creative outlet - Le Lapin was born! I'm really excited for her & looking forward to watch her company grow & can only hope that this blogpost helps with that :)

So those of you who follow my instagram @cordelia_hearts will have seen me post a few photos already - the first one when I was being an absolute girl & fell in love with the pretty Le Lapin packaging & took a pic before I even removed the jewellery itself!.. & then the next few being close ups of the necklaces or me posing away wearing them..
This is just some of the gorgeousness that arrives with your purchase! To me, details like this are everything!

I received the Sabine Necklace which has the beautiful crystal pendant on the end, which is only £12.99! & the Arcadia Necklace which is only £5.99! Bet you weren't expecting that were you! - Right bargains! I'm not sure if they were sent to me intentionally to wear together or not, but straight away I noticed that the Sabine was longer & they were both around my neck within seconds! 

Said posing picture as mentioned previous.. (Worn with my Elizabeth Margaret Hill necklace) (I'm so embarrassed at how dirty my mirror looks in this image!! criiiinge!!)

I love these next images, I found some flowers on my dressing table which I had picked up from my friends wedding last year & thought I'd get a bit arty on you.. to be honest the picture doesn't do the Sabine Necklace any justice as you can't see how the crystals pick up the light and shimmer from it, but if you have a look on Claudia's photos are so much clearer & you'll see exactly what I mean! 

These Alodie Stacking Rings below are probably my most favourite pieces on the website at the minute, they are 22k gold plated brass & their is a selection of semi-precious stones to choose from & £10 each- & if you want 3 like pictured, then you're in luck my friend, as this link will take you to the 3 for £25 offer!

Just a couple more pics of me from my Instagram wearing both the Sabine & the Arcadia, they literally compliment everything I wear.. 

... but, if I wanted to mix things up abit & switch to silver... I'm again, spoilt for choice!! Check out these stunners..
This is the Corinthia ring, absolutely stunning and only £14.99..
..and these beauts are called Atika and only £12.99 each!

Le Lapin don't just stop with jewellery, they also stock some gorgeous floral hair pieces & body jewellery, it's free delivery if you spend over £45 & lets be honest, that's not going to be too challenging is it!

I quickly fell in love with Le Lapin & started liking literally everything that was posted on their insta.. but it was this one that really sold me..

..... A company after my own heart!!!

I was trying to think of a really cheesy line, something along the lines of 'I'm le lappin' up all that Le Lapin have to offer' but my gosh.. that's shocking right?! ;)

Be sure to let me know if you buy anything & tag @cordelia_hearts or @bellahearts_ in your post! 
Would love to have a nosey at  your purchases!


Le Lapin Details.
Instagram : @lelapinuk

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