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The day Two Little Magpies arrived in Beeston


Hello there lovelies,

What a fabulous Saturday I've just had, so much so that I needed to jump straight in & tell you all about it before Sunday even arrives!
Now, for those of you that have been following some time now will know that I'm a bit of a Nottingham advocate, I'm so proud of living here & I try to keep on top of any new shops/brands that open up in the area... so can you imagine my excitement when I found out that one was opening up quite literally at the end of my street?!  Oh. The. Joy.


Two Little Magpies opened their doors to Beeston this morning & there was definitely a buzz in the air about their arrival - somethings changed in the space of a year for our little town & it's such an exciting time to be part of it. Shoppers, crafters, creators & window shoppers were all intrigued & at not one point was there just myself & my pal Laura in the shop, there were even people queuing to buy things... Ah-may-zing times.

So I thought I'd treat you to a little inside look on what Two Little Magpies has to offer, I'm so proud that in the next couple of weeks my Cordelia t-shirts will also be displayed on these shelves (eek!) but sadly not in time for the grand opening.. 
For now, you get to feast your eyes on the likes of Oh Cut it Out, Mollys Mum, Sauce & Brown, Letterbox LaneStitches & Stars & Hope the Black Dog and SO many more, infact over THIRTY more local designers!... My oh my, what a beautiful bunch all under one roof!

I should also let you know at this point, that this isn't just a shop.. oh no.. at the back is a studio where Lucy (Two Little Magpies owner) is going to hold craft events & jewellery making courses. I think I'm going to be a regular & get all protective over having my own seat & stuff ;)

I bought these Hope the Black Dog embroideries to hang on my wall within SECONDS of being in the shop! AUP PAL! Bloody brilliant.

Love these Stitches & Stars notebooks, they do the cutest badges too.

Fab displays for the Oh Cut It Out cards

A little bit in love with these Alibee Wares prints <3
Beautiful handmade beads from Mollys Mum

This Robert De Niro quote was one of my fave things in the shop & I can't for the life of me remember the brand :( Does anyone know? It sits perfectly next to this Letterbox Lane plate

Loving the Sauce and Brown tees, really hope mine sit nicely next to theirs ;)
(Another fab Hope The Black Dog embroidery- TA)

My pal Laura from Stone + Armour admiring the cards..

I'm already planning on going back to pick up a
Black Acres Soap Factory sticky toffee pudding candle!!

This jewellery from one & eight was probably one of my favourite finds! So delicate & pretty.. Need. in. my. life.

These earrings from Innabox were tooooo sweet aswel! 
Seriously, how great is this calendar to from Craftly 
to help teach your children days, weeks & months?! Genius!
The cutest mosaic designs from Lily Mosaics (picture taken from their Facebook page)

No craft/gift shop is complete without abit of Hello Sunshine jewellery!

Just fell in love with these Mollys Mum handmade clouds -
you can have them personalised with anything you like!


Have you ever googled 'Creepy Little Weirdo' to try & find a brand??
DON'T. Some weird s**t comes up!

Laura admiring the window display..

(See that shop with the number 7 on it? That used to be Pink & Lilly, the shop I often mention that I opened with my friend Caroline 8 years ago. I wish we'd had Two Little Magpies on our street back then!)
They even sell dog clothes from Kool K9s!!
A bit of something for everyone..
..And here she is, the woman of the moment, Lucy, the fabulous owner of Two Little Magpies -
That smile sums up how she's feeling I'm sure! :)

Service with a smile... coz I'm pretty sure they know they've got a customer for life with me.
This is going to be dangerous for my bank balance....

Oh how I bloody love Beeston.. and this guy.. The Beeman <3

Let me know if you take a visit, I'd love to see what you buy - tag me on instagram @cordelia_hearts so I can take a peek..


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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely mention! The Robert De Niro/weirdo frames are by minifi (she's on Facebook but doesn't have a website yet) I'm so excited about the shop, I popped in earlier & couldn't resist treating myself!
    Jess/Stitches & Stars

    1. Oooh thanks for letting me know Jess, I'll edit it with the brand - I was searching the Internet for ages, saw some stuff I wish I hadn't haha!
      I love love love your brand, think I'm going to have to go back & treat myself to a notebook :) x

  2. HI Cordelia! This is such a lovely blog post! Thank you for your purchases! Because you bought 2 items, that means I'll be donating another £2 to Mind at the end of the month! Thank you so much. :D

    1. I bought your items because I LOVED them but as soon as I read the concept behind it I was totally sold, such a wonderful idea! X

  3. Ahhhthamk you so much for the lovely photo and mention ❤️ Such a great write up and making me miss Beeston a lot! Jo x

    1. You're very welcome huni, it's so great to see your jewellery doing so well... I've been following your account since the days of Boots & loved watching it bloom :) x

  4. Hi there, your blog post is amazing! I am one of the fortunate enough crafters to have items in this beautiful shop, I'm Forget-Me-Not Crafts, and when I popped in with hubby earlier, the place was heaving! Such a wonderful atmosphere and such beautiful items. You may have seen a few things of mine, including the mini lavender bags and carrier bag keyrings sitting on the counter! Thank you for your lovely blog about us all, I look forward to seeing your items in there too. I love Beeston and Nottingham just like you... :)

    1. Hi Julie, oh yes I did see your bits in there too, just beautiful! Such a fantastic shop to be part of isn't it - Lucy has nailed it! :) x

  5. Hi Cordelia! Thank you for the lovely comments...I'm Minifi! Sorry you had to Google creepy little weirdo lol. Find me on Facebook and I look forward to seeing your tshirts ��

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