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Next steps... Some of the best flat shoes has to offer!

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Wow, Next are seriously upping their shoe game at the minute & I can honestly say I've never been online & seen so many pairs of shoes I want in one place! Not even Topshop! I could eassssiiiily buy 5 pairs & love them equally.

I thought I'd share with you my top choices.. & these are just the flats! I've not even got round to looking at the heels yet ;)

They all remind me of my favourite blogger, Danielle @WeWoreWhat .. which in itself is a reason to buy them as I'm a little obsessed with her style!

What's your favourite from the ones I've picked? Let me know if you end up buying any! :)

Slingback Loafers - £30

Premium Leather Brogue Mules - £50

Believe me when I say I could go on.. I'm still in shock with how many I want! It all started when I saw this picture on @fashion_panic 's Instagram feed, because I presumed they were Chanel!.. & then for the next hour my eyes were fixed on 

Happy Bank Holiday Monday lovelies :)

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