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Dressing Room Inspiration

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Oh hello youuu!

Been a while hasn't it - write that every time don't I?!
..But once again I come armed with excuses - And for those of you that don't know, one of the main excuses being that Stu & I have bought a house! Eek! Big girl/boy stuff going down! ;)

Now we've settled in abit & worked out how much money we don't have left after outgoings swap from our accounts - we can start to think about decorating!

I don't know how I managed to get away with this, but the first room to get started on is my dressing room!! Yippeee! (oh and I know how spoilt I am to even get one in the first place, feel crazy lucky, but we worked hard for it I promise :) )

So whilst the floors are being laid and the walls painted, I thought I'd share with you some images I'm using for inspiration for the dressing room - you'll soon see that I don't really have one style, one minute I want to be minimum, the next scandi and then I can't help but throw abit of shabby in there too for good measure! Think a mix between a boutique fitting room and a cabin in the mountains..

I am about 1 payday away from having my room finished so will get a post up soon with how it's ended up - more than likely a missmatch of everything you're about to see - for now you can get snapshots on my snapchat: @Cordelia2013 and my instagram: @Cordelia_Hearts
Oh & if you do like what you see and feel inspired by it, pop me a comment below to let me know & im happy to do something like this for all rooms of the house :)

Lotsa love and enjoy x


Disclaimer: All of these images have been taken from Pinterest and not my own.

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