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It was a typical Monday, typical grey weather and a typical train journey to Birmingham for work... so what do I find myself doing? A typical Instagram'athon!

However, this particular time wasn't so typical and I stumbled across a brand that I instantly felt a connection with! Which leads me to introduce you to the beautiful Cozies!

For those of you that follow my Instagram and Facebook you will have already seen that I posted a couple of pictures of the most scrumptious pink packaging with hashtags such as #chic #feminine and #luxury - and honestly, these three words sum up Cozies for me.
Within minutes I was researching the brand, discovering that they weren't as pricey as what I first presumed because of the luxury and expensive feel their instagram (@cozies_uk) portrayed and that they were brand new with only being launched the week before - yes! a huge box for me ticked! I get a kick discovering brands that the masses haven't discovered yet so I emailed the brand and received the most lovely response from Zoe Goffin, the founder of the company.
My typical Monday just became not so typical...

Fast forward a week and I'm sat in my hotel room in Miami wearing the most beautiful nightdress to ever grace my body, her name is Francesca and I hope you love her as much as I do...
I hope that this blog post inspires you to take a look at Cozies website at all their other styles, they do everything from nightdresses like Francesca to the most beautiful gowns and pj sets.
I just love Gracie & Bella! Let me know if you decide to treat yourself to anything! :)
Instagram: @cozies_uk
Twitter: @coziesUK

Photos were taken at The Mondrian Hotel in Miami
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  1. Love it !!!! I also am loving Gracie !!!! May be a little cheeky treat before Orlando next year . Looking stunning lovely xxx

  2. Honestly hun, it's beautiful! The packaging alone win me over! Such beautiful quality! Let me know if you decide to get one :)
    I'm going to be so jealous when you're in America!! X