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Festival Style

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Hey there lovelies,

Now I probably shouldn't be writing this post as I have only actually been to a handful of festivals in my life - & there will certainly be some pro-festival-stylers out there! 
However, just because I haven't been to many doesn't mean I haven't cried into my cornflakes like others when lusting over the outfits!

I guess it goes back to the days of Kate Moss and Sienna Miller when I first fell in love with the boho/festival styling - we all remember the infamous coin-belts right?
and the layering of waistcoats over everything possible?
Oh and how could I forget the love for All Saints military boots!!??

I don't personally think festival style has moved on much since if I'm honest, outcomes the fringing, the cowboy boots, ditsy prints and the daisy duke shorts every..single.. year. 
Each time the retailers describing it as 'new style' and revolutionary to the fashion industry - maybe this is an age thing and I've finally caught onto the fact that I MUST keep ALL clothes through my life (much to Stu's dismay!) as they always come back round again - apart from tulle skirts and trainers, please, never let me go down that rabbit hole again!

If you have seen my YouTube video you will have seen that I am lucky enough to say I am going to Chicago & Miami this summer, I'm craazzyy excited & whilst we are there will be going to Lollapalooza Festival
So of course, I've started planning my outfits waaayyy in advance! I wanted to share some of the pieces I've either bought or got my eye on for next payday... hope you like!

I love this Boohoo Aztec Jumpsuit & at only £20 I just couldn't resist buying it. I really struggle with plunge style tops as I'm short in the body but I'm hoping with a tweak & some (alot of!) tape it will work 
- I love the vibrant print & think it will look fab teamed with this necklace from Topshop..
Topshop Necklace - £18.50

So one of the huuuuge trends this year is gladiator sandals & I told myself not to get involved as I wore them as a teenager (That whole am I too old situation again!) but after seeing so many people look AMAZING in them I just couldn't resist & bought these beauties from Topshop - they were on my feet & featured on my before the postman made it off the drive!!

I'm planning on wearing them with a dress like this one - I've not bought one yet, but I've got my eye on a few - this one from Asos is quite plain but I love it! ASOS BA&SH Dress - mind you, it is £150 so I might have to start saving for it!

I am loving overalls/dungarees at the minute too & just had to buy these black ones, again from - £35 I'm planning on representing Cordelia & wearing my 'LIKE A MOSS' tshirt underneath in white with gold writing.

Cordelia Like a Moss Tshirt - £22
There's absolutely LOADS more that I have my eye on but I'm absolutely living a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade salary this week & I got paid 2 days ago!! Nightmare!

Hope this post inspires you ready for your upcoming festival/summer looks.

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