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Summer holidays

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Wowee what a lovely week I've just had! My first holiday with my boyfriend Stuart, well, not our first but our first just the two of us and it was blummin' faaaabulous :)

I decided instead of uploading an album of 200 odd crappy photos on Facebook for my friends & family to see that I would write a blogpost with a handful of pictures instead, that way I have a cute little reminder to look back on to as well..
East Midlands Airport... en route!

So we decided to book a cheap get away & decided on Lanzarote, neither of us had been before so we thought it would be nice to have a week of nothing in a place neither of us had been - I got mixed reactions when I told people from 'oooh you'll love it' to 'Oh? Lanzagrotty?' so we decided to just go & make the most of whatever was there for us..

The gorgeous old town of Puerto Del Carmen fishing port
Representing What Sarah Did everywhere we went..
What you can see above is literally all we saw all week, we spent nearly everyday by the sea & eating ALOT of local food...and burgers, pizza & chips too of course! 

When we first arrived at Puerto Del Carmen, the first thing that we noticed that there was a lot of Irish bars, England shorts & bald tattooed men.... not quite what we had in mind, so we sat down & had a cocktail on the seafront... which 2 vans ended up parking infront  of us to ruin our view... not the greatest start but luckily we are able to laugh things like that off so decided to have a walk into the old town which people had recommended..

This was the pic I sent to my mum to let her know we had landed... :)

Stu wasn't too happy about carrying my 'I <3 Ibiza' bag bless him!
Our first meal with a glass of Sangria - standard!

...I did NOT like the local Brandy! Euuugh! This was burning my eyes just putting it there!
The old town was GORGEOUS! & we were so so happy to have found it, there  was some beautiful restaurants, it was fab watching the local kids jump off the rocks & in the evenings the old boys came out & played bowls in the square, we could have watched them for hours!

Making out he wasn't bothered about a calzone the size of his head - he nailed it to be fair!!

Tapas!! Yes!! We literally couldn't get enough of the local food... 

We were then advised to go to a beautiful restaurant in Puerto Del Carmen called Cafe La Ola... OH MY DAYS! It was absolutely stunning & I can't recommend it  enough, the service, the views & the menus, easily the best meal we had all holiday & I couldn't get enough of this 4 poster bed! :)

Cafe La Ola is hidden away near the casino at the top of the beachfront..

Meal with a view!

In. My. Element!!

Me & my best pal <3

We had a fab day out on a boat too, snorkeling & a banana boat ride, I'm not the strongest swimmer in the world so was abit nervous for jumping in the sea, but once I was in I was fine & it was one of my favourite days of the holiday by far..

..The guy at the front looks worried! haha!

We also visited a local market in Teguise, the views on the way there were gorgeous & it was nice to hear some facts about the villages along the way & the plans for the future of Lanzarote.. but the market itself was a little disappointing, we were hoping for local produce & be able to buy some gifts for family & friends but it was mainly fake Michael Kors bags... EVERYWHERE! but THEN, we stumbled across a gorgeous Crepe cafe up a side street & I was over the actual moon!!!
Local Spanish dancers at the market
Best crepe ever!!
Overall our holiday was exactly what we were after, a week of nothing but eating, sunbathing & just spending quality time with each other without our laptops & use of internet.. I would recommend Lanzarote as a getaway but I personally preferred Playa Blanca to Puerto Del Carmen (Pictured below..)
Watching the sunset on the harbour was one of my favourite evenings..

The essentials..

I borrowed this jumpsuit from my mate, I love it - it's by Dancing Leopard which you can also by here at SilkFred (I've spoke about them in previous posts..)

Here's a few pics of about 2% of the food we consumed..
We sat on our balcony & had breakfast some mornings..

Our meals at Cafe La Ola

Cute little Italian restaurant in the old town, I did have shoes on promise.. 
Had about 3 of these a day :) :)

....and about 10 of these!
I hope you like this post, I'm not going to lie, it was more for me & being able to have little diary style post of my holiday - but happy to share it with whoever fancies a read :)

Oh and we saw a dog chilling out with a cockerel... as you do!

Lotsa love,

My faithful Phantom Jewels necklace played a large part in this holiday! <3

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