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Stone + Armour

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 Hello you lovely lot!

I've been looking forward to writing this post for a while now as it's about a company that is close to my heart - I've watched it grow from the very beginning & I'm proud to say that the founder of the company, Laura Williams, is also a good friend of mine too. (..but I promise I'd still bang on about her jewellery even if I didn't know her! :) )

I really hope that from reading this blogpost you will also fall in love with Stone + Armour..

S+A originated by hand-crafting the most beautiful delicate necklaces, using semi-precious stones & beads, the thing that I love about these necklaces is each one had its own meaning & Laura would study the stones to ensure that she was able to inform her customers the meaning behind the necklace & create a little story with it - this to me is what a brand is all about, not just producing a necklace that has nice colours or a pretty sparkle, but actual depth & something so that when a friend says 'oooh nice necklace' you can turn round and say.. 'well.. I'm actually wearing the stone of communication, it helps to inspire loyalty & trustworthiness' - see, sounds pretty cool right?!

This is Spectra Blue Lustre Spike Necklace (you can click on that link to view more pics of it) & I think it's one of my favourites - Perfect for the tribal trends that are hitting the catwalks for next season, layered up or worn on its own it looks fab!

Here's a few more of my faves from the S+A beaded collection..

More recently Laura has turned her talent to using metals in her work & my gosh I'm so excited by it!! So much so that I've already claimed some silver Magnum Earrings that I wear EVERYDAY & a gorgeous hand-stamped initial necklace called the Armatura Necklace.

Those of you that follow my instagram @cordelia_hearts will see that they feature in most of my pictures - I really struggle to find earrings that my ears are suited to as I'm sensitive to most metals, but these sterling silver ones are perfect, I even sleep in them! (naughty I know!)
Where the magic happens!

Me wearing both my S+A earrings & initialed necklace

These are the simple earrings I LIVE in, seriously - it's lovely how such a simple piece of jewellery can get so many compliments!

I'm so happy to be a proud owner of one of these necklaces.. mines the one with J on.. obvs!

Blurry pic, apologies - but you can just see my S+A necklace on this pic too :)

 Laura's talents don't stop there, just look at how incredible this ring is - it's not even on her website yet as it's still a working process, but a little birdy tells me that Laura is taking orders on these already for Christmas presents.. I'm actually in love with it, how amazing would it be with a black stone in it? ugh.. yes please!
Laura lives in Nottingham - about a 20 minute walk from my house which is nice & handy for when I need a jewellery fix ;) & hand-makes all of her jewellery in Nottingham, whilst attending a weekly jewellery class to constantly challenge herself & learn new skills.

For those of you that don't already follow, her instagram is @stoneandarmour where you will be able to follow her jewellery-making journey, I personally love the 'before and after' pics so that you are able to see how a slab of silver transforms into a piece of jewellery like this badboy..

How pretty is this?!

Laura is pretty shy when it comes to Instagram & doesn't post too many pics of herself.. I managed to find this one of her.... I always have serious fringe envy around her!!


She does, however, have a dog called Frank who most definitely isn't shy of a selfie or two!!

 If you have a piece of jewellery in mind that you would love Laura to make for you - don't hesitate to contact her, she recently made this necklace for a customer as the numbers had a significant meaning behind them. Which I personally think makes the most thoughtful present for someone too, you could by your best friend a necklace with both your initials on.. too cute!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I for one can't wait to see what S+A come up with next, it's just getting better and better! Make sure if you decide to buy anything you tag me on my instagram @cordelia_hearts or Facebook ! I'd love to see what you purchase!

You can contact Laura via her instagram @stoneandarmour, her website or even her facebook page


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