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Cabella Beauty Boutique

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For those of you that follow my Cordelia Facebook page, will know that I absolutely love to promote anything that's Nottingham related & I'm really proud of the city that I live in.. but my gosh this little gem of a Beauty Boutique I've stumbled across would have got me travelling all over to give them a visit! I am so lucky to have CaBella on my doorstep! :)

Before I start this.. so I don't forget to tell you, by mentioning Cordelia at CaBella you receive 10% off!

What is CaBella?
You know when you really want to try some new make-up out, or just fancy a bit of a pamper at a beauty counter but you always get that salesy finish where you are almost forced to buy a product after? (Ok not all beauty counters are like this - but there is always an element of.. 'so.. what are you going to buy?' afterwards)

Well at CaBella you can get exactly that in the comfort of the most luxurious boutique setting, surrounded by stunning furnishings and beautiful colours you can get well and truly pampered by the CaBella team and simply pay for the service you received without any added expenditure at the end of your visit..

There are plenty of packages on offer, from The Bardot where you will receive a 30 minute makeover to The Elizabeth Taylor where the hair and beauty experts will spend a full 90 minutes on you totally transforming your look ready for your special occasion.. or simply a day out shopping with the girls! - How fab are the package names too? Dannica (whom I will talk more about shortly) is inspired by Holywood stars and this is clear from the second you walk in her store.. 
So inspired by this beautiful fireplace!
Waiting areas don't get more relaxing than this!
Obviously couldn't resist a cheeky selfie in this AMAZING mirror!

What are the team like?
So, I'll be honest, I didn't know what to expect as I walked into CaBella, I was apprehensive that I would be judged as I walked through the door or be told I had my winged eyeliner on incorrect - but it is nothing like that at all! The team are an absolute bunch of beauts, both inside and out. I was greeted by the gorgeous Dannica who owns the store (only 22!!) her lovely mum Denise and one of their make-up artists Charlotte and instantly I felt relaxed, there was such a positive buzz in the air and I couldn't wait to hear more about the boutique.
Dannica has previously worked on the Urban Decay counter in Debenhams and also some freelance work alongside, she decided to take the plunge of opening her own place when inspired by a similar concept store in Liverpool, when talking to her I noticed that her own  make-up was simply perfect so already I knew I was in good hands!
Denise, Dannica's lovely mum, was quite obviously so proud of her daughter and said that she has always encouraged Dannica to follow her dreams :)
Charlotte, Dannica & Denise <3

CaBella is full of the cutest little quotes and sayings.. I felt inspired everywhere I looked!
A huge congratulations to Dannica who recently won best make-up at Portsmouth International Film Festival!!

What do they offer?
So as mentioned they have their fabulous beauty packages where you can walk in feeling like a toad and walk out looking like a princess, but they also offer gel nails and make-up tutorials too! Infact, this might be right up your street - I'm so impressed with the skills of this contouring pictured below & CaBella are holding an exclusive master class on 21st August where you can learn how to create this Kim Kardashian inspired look yourself! 
For more info call 0115 941 1701 or email
How absolutely stunning does Charlotte look! I need this tutorial in my life!

LOVE these beautiful compact mirrors on sale
These Alphabet Bags are just the cutest!!

Adorn Accessories
What makes things even more perfect about CaBella is that Dannica is related to the gorgeous Becca at Adorn Accessories!! Talk about a family business! So they also stock one of my favourite jewellery brands too - You will have seen on my instagram Cordelia_Hearts that I have been an avid fan of Adorn from their early days so I'm sure you can imagine how delighted I am that I now have a stockist locally so I can see all of their beauties in real life!

What's next for CaBella?
When I went to visit the boutique it had literally only been open 2 weeks so it was early days, but Dannica has a fantastic business mind on her & already has a lot in the pipeline- including designing her own make-up brand to sell in store and also she studying her teaching qualifications with the mind-set of opening a make-up school! VERY exciting times ahead for this lovely young lady.

So, how do I find this gem?
The best thing about CaBella is that it is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the high-street but is still, at the same time, very central... I'm guessing if you have read to this point of the blog, the chances are you are from Nottingham, so you know Bridlesmith Gate?.. well.. it's there! Tucked away in the beautiful Bridlesmith Walk..

CaBella is situated opposite one of the best little cafes, White Rabbits.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post, obviously you don't need to be from Nottingham to be involved - Why don't you plan a girly weekend here and get you and your friends booked in for a group makeover before a night out in town? If you do.. let me know, I might be out too and could meet up for a cocktail or three ;)

Thanks to the lovely Dannica for inviting me to see CaBella, I'm so excited to watch your journey and wish you every bit of success for the future - It's great to have some young, fresh and exciting ideas on the cobbled streets of Nottingham! :)

Facebook: CaBella


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