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Oh hey! Thanks for coming back! :)
What a crazy buzz it was pressing 'publish' on my last post, my heart was raacing!!haha.. So here I am for round 2 & I can already tell I'm addicted - I've decided to talk about the good ol' Statement Necklace & show you some of my favourites... enjoy, comment, follow or pop me a message over on my instagram, it makes me well 'appy when I hear people have read it!..

For those of you that follow me on @cordelia_hearts Instagram will know that if I'm not wearing my Sixpence Coin Necklace handmade by Emily Margaret Hill (pictured below) which I absolutely live in - then I will definitely be wearing a Statement Necklace or two!
I recommend you follow EMH Facebook as Emily sometimes post competitions to win one of their gorgeous handmade pieces... guess who won the last one... ONLY LITTLE OLD ME! I won the Double Sixpence Bracelet in gold to match this necklace & I'm craaazzyy excited to receive it!

This is my Emily Margaret Hill necklace - The coat I'm wearing is one of my fave purchases of 2014 so far from Primark!

I've included in this post some of my absolute favourite statement necklaces, there's so many gorgeous ones out there that we are slightly spoilt for choice ladies, but I much prefer to shop with independent stores rather than the high street for them as its nice to have that something a little bit different!
Phantom Jewels

 Crystal Elixir £15.99

This is one of my favourite statement necklaces EVER by by Phantom Jewels it was only £15.99 including delivery - & I promise it looks SO much more expensive than that in real life, there's nothing worse than finding a bargain, & when it arrives, you know exactly why it was a bargain! I was so flattered when they featured this image of me wearing it with my Kate Moss X Topshop white dress on their Instagram along with the likes of Leanne Lim Walker one of my go-to bloggers! Super proud moment! (I've included a pic of her below - what a stunner!)

Leanne Lim Walker is one of my blogger idols, she's got so many followers yet still finds the time to reply to people, something I will always aim to do (if I ever get to that point!) because I just find it rude when people don't bother responding to you... YOU'RE NOT BEYONCE.. Rant over ;)
Leanne is wearing both the Elixir necklace (which I'm wearing above) & another which may have sold out now as I can't see it on their site, but the Modus Operandi above is very similar and would look just as stunning together - Love, love, love!

Another one of the best places to go for Statement Necklaces, bracelets and more is Adorn Accessories, they have the most beautiful range of jewellery in & I'm a big fan of their @adornaccessories instagram too as they post beautiful pictures that inspire my outfit choices - I ordered some Queen Bee earrings from them recently & it came in the most adorable packaging! Little things like that make all the difference to me! Plus they are based in Nottingham, which is where I live, so I absolutely love supporting local companies.. :)

I love these two bracelets, perfect colours for this seasons pastel trends too! Charm Bracelets £27

The chunky chain on this is right up my street!

This is one of my favourite statement necklaces on their site -The Warrior - How awesome does that sound!? Thee Waarriooooor! ooh, so powerful! I think it would look AMAZING teamed with one of the Phantom ones too.. 

And last but by all means not least - The gorgeous jewellery over at Hugo Sophia Boutique, they haven't got a website yet but a little birdy tells me there might be one on its way soon.. Exciting times! For now you can contact them at, here's a couple of my favourites from their instagram feed..
These neon beauties are only £6.99! I'll take two pairs for that price please! 

Anyone recognise this beauty? It's only our very own Sarah-Jayne showing us how its done, teaming her Hugo Sophia statement necklace and her Matalan New York 5th Ave tshirt - love this look soo much, mixing statement jewellery with a dressed-down slogan tshirt is always a winner! (Yep that's right, that slogan tshirt link right there obviously takes you to the ones I design over at Cordelia! ;) )

I hope you like my 2nd post, any feedback, comments are VERY welcome - plus if you want to follow our blog that would be a blummin treat too :)


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