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Okay, so the above outburst is precisely why I've chosen backpacks to talk about today - because I'm on the search for the perfect one, one minute I'm struggling to find one I like - next minute I'm struggling as there are too many I need! (You will soon discover that 'need' is a word I use a lot - when I'm shopping it often comes with a finger point.. about every 2 minutes!) Oh the dilemmas life throws at us hey!

Do we go for traditional black that will never let us down? White that looks cool as hell but wouldn't last 5 minutes, or go for the huge summer trend and opt for one of the gorgeous pastel colours that are everywhere at the minute?... Hopefully by the end of this post I will have made a decision, & helped you choose your favourite along the way..

I've had my eyes on this Topshop Backpack for some time now, I really like the square detail on the front and the chunky handle - It's not too bad at £80 considering it's real leather - this at the minute is probably winning the backpack race..
Topshop Premium Clean Leather Backpack - £80

If you're on Instagram & you haven't seen this bag adorned on every bloggers arm (back) - WHERE ARE YOU LOOKING? These Grafea Backpacks are absolutely everywhere at the minute, high five to the marketing team over at Grafea firstly because from looking at their Website it doesn't look like the young fash-pack are their usual target audience, but they've done something hugely right & these bags are at the top of every bloggers wish-list.. yes including mine.. I admit it, I'm no different from the rest! haha! Below are a few examples of the beauties sporting the bag of the summer... ok.. I'm even persuading myself now.. maybe this is the one???

Ok ok I might have a girl crush on Leanne Lim Walker

The stunning Kavita from She Wears Fashion is a little bit amazing too..

Bought one yet? ;)

There are SO many more to talk about, that this post could go on quiet a while so I'm going to end it with one of the most inspiring companies The Cambridge Satchel Company, oh where do I start with this brand?? It was when I saw their advert on TV about how the brand started in their kitchen in 2008 that made me throw myself into Cordelia, what an absolute dream! If you have no idea what I'm on about - take 2 minutes & watch this video, it gives me goosebumps every time!

Their backpacks are quite a hard leather but get much softer over time, they come in the most amazing colours & they are beautifully understated, perfect for the Normcore Fashion Trend (If you click there it will give you Vogue's definition of Normcore if you're not sure what i'm talking about..)
 I'm a personal fan of the neon yellow Sophie Ellis Bextor is showcasing above - I went for drinks the other day with my pal Jade & she has the same one with her initials on - TOO CUUTE!
Ok, so at £150 this isn't exactly a bargain - but lets be honest, it does look flippin' good!

Eeeek the colours!! I feel like I'm on Bugs Life - 'Don't look at the light.. I caaant heeelp iit, its just sooo beaautifffull..!' (please tell me you know what I'm on about?!)

...and here ladies, is a perfect example of an initialed satchel. Oh my. Pretty perfect don't ya think?? - & if that's a Burberry Trench she's wearing, then yeah - that right there, in my eyes, is borderline perfection.
Right.. So I'm at the end... and my decision has been made... 


What about you?

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