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Save the Date - The Wedding Event with a Difference



Ok so I think I need to dive right in and just clarify... I am not getting married!!

However, when I was asked if I was available to help out at the Save the Date wedding event last Sunday (21st February), I absolutely jumped at the chance. I'd already heard great things about the event - my friend has been to every single show since it began. 

Plus, it was a great opportunity to get some practice at editing too, as at the bottom of this post is a link to a YouTube video from the day.

I was kind of under the impression that I needed to be a blushing bride to be, or at least a bridesmaid, to go to the event, but I was SO wrong. Ok, so that definitely was the majority of the clientele, but honestly, it's just such a lovely day out too.

I'm not sure if I should admit this, but I know I'm not on my own with this one, I kiiiiinda have a wedding board on pinterest, just.. you know.. incase ;) and it was basically like that scene in Mary Poppins where she jumps into the painting and everything comes to life - this event was literally my pinterest board in life form! 

Sequin table tops, rose golds, quirky cakes and dresses with no poofy skirt in sight - now THIS is why it's called 'Save the Date - Wedding Event with a Difference'! I had a good chat with lots of the lovely creative people on stands there, I got to sample some delicious foods and even signed up for a calligraphy course! (here was me thinking I was there to work ;) )

I didn't get to take many photos whilst I was there as I decided to concentrate on getting video footage for you, (and eat the samples of chocolate) so I have used the lovely Rachel Connerton's work from Rachael Connerton Photography in this post, because her work is blummin' stunning and it was so great to see her in action taking shots of the bride (you can see that in the video too).

If you are a bride to be, groom, mother of the bride, bridesmaid... oooorrr none of the above, then I can't recommend getting yourself tickets for the next show in October enough - they happen twice a year - whether I get a ring on it or not - I'll be there! <3

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