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I wanted to add something a little bit different to the blog today - I'll be honest when I first contacted Laura from 'Mario and Me Blog', it was because I really wanted to add content to my blog but was feeling very uninspired to do so! I was sat reading the lovely Laura's blog & all about her life since the birth of her beautiful son Mario & her journey through Judaism...
...and I had a lightbulb moment, maybe you guys would like to read all about it too??because I genuinely learn something overtime I read it!
So I contacted Laura & she kindly agreed to write her next blogpost especially for my little space on the internet.
I hope you enjoy reading it and get a chance to pop over to 'Mario and Me Blog' to read more about Laura's fascinating journey... Thank you Laura <3

Happy Chanukah

Following on from my last blog I thought it would be appropriate to write about Mario's first Chanukah next!

After sharing my journey with you about my conversion to Judaism you've probably guessed that 'Christmas' is now well and truly off the agenda! I found this really difficult to accept and get my head around in the buld up to Christmas. It was so hard when people kept asking me if Im going to celebrate or not. Of course I knew that once I had converted fully, celebrating Christmas would be hypocritical. But I hadn’t really put too much thought into it. I had forgotten how much I actually do like Christmas! The bulid up is so magical, especially for children. This picture below was taken of Russell and I at home about three years ago. Before I converted I did put a tree up, I loved decorating the house and having all the family over.

Chanukah is probably one of the best known Jewish holidays. Not because of any great religious significance, but because of its close proximity to Christmas. Many non Jews and some modern day Jews refer to it as the Jewish Christmas! And some even go as far as celebrating "Chrismukka"

The Jewish festival of Chanukah is also known as the festival of light and it remembers the rededication of the second Jewish temple in Jerusalem. It is Celebrated for 8 days in honour of the miracle oil that burnt for 8 days in the holy temple. We light a candle each evening at sun set, give gifts to the children and eat foods cooked in oil... Donuts are a tradition.

So... as we had decided not to celebrate Christmas this year I wanted to make Chanukah special. Each evening, Russell read the blessing whilst I lit the candles with Mario. Afterwards we gave him a small gift to open and spent some time together sitting as a family enjoying the candles, whilst Mario played with his new toys.

The build up to Christmas was difficult this year, but in the end the day it's self was actually lovely. We spent it at home just the three of us, we had no presents or cards... No tree, and no turkey! We treated it like a normal day, except I made a nice roast dinner, we had a few glasses of bubbly and lots and lots of chocolate treats! We watched junk on tv and just really chilled out.

So after much deliberation and endless discussions I feel I've made the right decision to give up Christmas in our home and put my all into celebrating Chanukah instead. As Mario grows up we will be very open and honest with him about my conversion and he will still see Christmas but he will understand the reasons why we don't celebrate it like our non Jewish family & friends.


My next blog will be coming up soon as we are about to celebrate Mario's half year birthday! I'm going to review the last 6 months and all of his milestones!

Thanks for reading! Wishing you all a very happy & prosperous 2016.

Thanks again Laura,  I'm looking forward to reading about Mario's half birthday! 
Don't forget to go and follow Laura at 'Mario and Me Blog' if you want to read more.

Also, are you interested in doing a guest blogpost for me? I'd love to hear from you if you are, pop me an email across to :) x

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