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NYE Outfit Ideas

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Caution - This post will include (probably too many) sequins!

Now, like most girls, I love to get dressed up for a special occasion - but NYE is a totally different ball game! All year I see dresses & think - oooh that would be lovely for new years eve, but don't buy it as it's normally June or equally as in-apropriate to be buying a dress for December.. & then before I know it, it's December & not only do I not know what I'm wearing, I don't even know what I'm doing!

I blame the movies, they literally make me feel like NYE should be all singing & all dancing, a kiss at midnight, fireworks, champagne & of course, lots of dancing to  Auld Lang Syne! but actually, it doesn't normally end up that way. I remember one year still being in the queue for a nightclub at midnight as it was left so last minute where to go, one where I spent the majority in the toilet (tequila is not my friend!) and one where I cried as it didn't feel 'special'! What on earth!? Why the massive expectation for something mind-blowing?

So this year, myself & Stu have decided to go & see our friends in London & have a meal - How civilised is that! & honestly, I'm looking forward to it more than I have done before, as it's not full of expectation & I know that just being with some top pals & having a few cocktails will be bloody brilliant :) (I have a feeling people will read this & think.. yawn! you're planning your outfit for the party of the century.. maybe I'm just getting.. dare I say it... old!? ouch.)

However, & this is where I get excited.. no matter what I end up doing on the 31st December.. I want to wear sequins!! I literally can't think of a year where I haven't worn sequins for NYE, it just wouldn't feel right any other way, & I know I'm not on my own with that one as the shops are full to the brim with them! So, I wanted to show you some of my favourite & hopefully inspire your outfit in some way..

Here's my NYE outfits over the last 5 years..

See, I wasn't making it up! I have a teeeeeeny obsessions!
I love this dress, plus, no need to worry about eating too much as it's nice & baggy - I think I'd wear this quite abit too, can see it paired with leather trousers & in the summer with strappy sandals. Plus, it's only £35! Bargain!
Awww man I seriously need this Topshop Sequin Shirt in my life!! Plus it's now reduced to £45 from £65, I would personally put this with some tuxedo suit trousers like the below & some sexy heels.. uh oh, too tempted to buy it now!
Thes H&M tuxedo trousers are only £24.99 & I'd wear them dressed up for an occasion like this, or put a simple white tshirt with them for work - Everyone needs a classic pair of black trousers & £24.99 is a reet bargain!
I've been in love with these Topshop rose gold heels shoes for some time now, if you follow my instagram @cordelia_hearts you may have seen me share these already - yep - I still feel the same about them! but they aren't cheap at £58 so I've still not treat myself..still time though! ;)

I'm the proud owner of this Topshop flocked sequin dress & I've worn it twice in the last 2 weeks already, it's quite short & I've got a friend who returned it for this reason, but it really is lovely & worth the £68 price-tag. It's going to be one of those that every year will make an appearance - & it machine washes too! Plus... if it's good enough for our Bee! :) 

Ok,, so I certainly don't look like Beyonce, but it's a gorge dress!
(Worn with my Bulls on the case phone case & Rara de Barr bracelet)

I couldn't do a blogpost on dresses without mentioning my new project Cordelia Fox ! I'm not just saying this but this dress is by far one of my favourite in my wardrobe, it's so unusual with it's cape detailing & fits lovely - plus it's only £40! A few of my friends received theirs this week & the feedback has been great. If you're interested in purchasing please email us at :)  Worn here with my Adorn Accessories statement necklace.

 There's absolutely no way that I'll ever be buying this See by Chloe shirt dress from Net-a-porter with a price-tag of £380, but just look how simply beautiful it is! The gold trim is all gold sequins & I flippin' love it!

It's not got a sequin trim but our Cordelia Fox dress has a similar concept to the Chloe one - How about you get creative & sew a sequin trim around the collar? At £35 I know I'll be doing the same to try & recreate it! :) 
(again email if you would like one)

Well, that's about it from me - to be honest I've done myself absolutely no favours as now I want to buy everything I've written about! Would love to hear if this post inspired you in anyway! There's a link on my blog homepage that says 'click here to follow' if you press it you will get an email whenever I post! :)

I've got a couple of posts coming up over the next week or so, I'm off to London next week & I'll be writing all about what I'll be up to whilst I'm there.

Will you be buying sequins for this NYE?

Love Jenn x

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